Website Maintenance

We at The Spaceship Design Pune don’t just make your website and then forget about it. We’ll maintain it for you.

We understand the importance of day-to-day maintenance. In fact, that’s how we run our spaceship. Similarly, your website needs someone to regularly tinker around and ensure everything is running smoothly, and we’ll do that for you.

With technology changing rapidly, website maintenance is a very crucial aspect to having a good online presence. Search engines need to find your website, and keywords need to constantly be updated according to the latest trends and algorithms. Similarly, your site needs to be compatible with the latest browsers, and software on your site needs to be upgraded. Those are just some of the technicalities our web developers at the Spaceship Design, deal with on a regular basis.

Tech jargon aside, you may want to update the information on your website. Small changes may have bigger repercussions. E.g. – If you mention a new product, it may need to have a link to its details, which may further need to be linked to social media. When we maintain a website, we take care of these small but niggling issues, so your brand gets the reputation it deserves.

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