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At some point, every brand wants to display itself at a trade show or an exhibition. This is a relatively straight-forward requirement but what brands don’t realise is how their reputation can be affected if they don’t make the right impression at these events. An exhibition is a direct link to all your stake-holders. It is the one time you can communicate directly with your customers. It is a time when a brand should focus on developing a relationship with their stakeholders. Given the importance of this event, every aspect needs to be looked into. Hence, hiring expert stall designers such as The Spaceship Design, Pune is something you should consider.

What is Stall Designing?

Stall Designing combines various aspects of design to convey messages across three-dimensional environments. It uses the concepts of colour, lighting, multimedia and fabrication to convey your brands story. It can be used for trade exhibitions, theatrical events and is even used by museum, galleries, restaurants and retail stores. Exhibition/stall/space designers create experiences that are physical, emotional and psychological. It is multidisciplinary process that often combines architecture, interior design, graphic design and interaction design.

How the Spaceship Design approaches stall designing

A stall design company like The Spaceship Design will help you maximise all the space you have at your exhibition. The first thing we do is study your exhibition stall plan. If you have done an exhibition before we take a look at your previous design and try and improve it. If this is the first time you are putting up a stall at an exhibition we first get a low-down on all your requirements. How much space your products will need, how many people will man the stall, will there be standees, banners, a video playing etc. Once we have all this information we move into redesigning your stall space.

One way we at The Spaceship Design add interest to your trade show booth design is by playing with the lighting. Backlighting is one such technique. Even adding a simple spotlight to the most important part of your stall can make a huge difference. Intelligent use of LED lighting can also make your brand more attractive in the crowd. Remember, at an exhibition your customer also has the choice of walking away to your competitor. So, you need to stand apart from the rest!

The other reason why you should hire professional exhibition designers such as the team at The Spaceship Design is because they are aware of the latest exhibition design trends. For example a few years ago, having a tablet or an LCD screen at your stall was considered different and interesting. Today the focus is on a more personalised experience. Only those who have been designing for exhibitions regularly will be able to give you insights on the latest trends.

Stall design companies such as The Spaceship Design help your stall get the maximum attention it deserves. We design your space in such a way that every aspect of it creates engagement. We design fonts, colours and shapes that constantly enhance your brand identity. Even what we write on your walls is well thought out. It needs to be the right balance of informative and appealing. Too long and your stall space will look cluttered, too short and your customer may not understand what you are trying to say. The text needs to make a customer stop in their tracks and read what you’ve written. The other aspect we pay attention to is where and how you place your content. Maybe your stall design has a picture, a few words and your company logo. Our experts at The Spaceship Design will tell you how to place your content so even a customer who sees your stall from a distance, is interested.

Effective Visual Design Methods for Stall Designing

Visuals are appealing and if your stall is using them they need to be clear. Pictures you use need to be of a high resolution and printed clearly. A graphic designer will be able to help you do this. Another aspect that needs to be clear in your design is what exactly it is that your brand does. People visiting your stall may have come across your brand for the first time. They may not stop to speak to you. So, your space should be designed in such a way that your brands identity and USP is conveyed in the first glance.

Colour is a vital aspect of a trade show booth design, and is something only experts like The Spaceship Design can give your brand professional insights on. Every colour used conveys a certain meaning for your brand and it is up to professional space designers to give you the right combination of colours that suit your brand and its messaging.

How Brand Consistency Increases Brand Engagement

The primary aim of a stall/exhibition space is to increase brand engagement. Whether that means more walk-ins, or more people picking up brochures from you, the idea is to create a buzz around your brand. Exhibition/stall design also works to create brand consistency. What you show your customers at an event should be the same as what they see outside of the event. This consistency reinforces your brand message. Everything at your stall needs to have a consistent messaging. For example if your stand is branded but your brochure is not, your audience will not remember who you are. Similarly, if you have an audio-visual presentation that does not match the branding in your stall, it may not have the same impact. Brand consistency is an essential part of event marketing. It makes your brand synonymous with your products and services. At The Spaceship Design, we take brand consistency very seriously. If you don’t have your own corporate brand guidelines, we can also create them for you. And either way, we will follow uniform messaging through your event.

Why a Brand cannot afford to Take Stall Designing Lightly: The Importance of Good Stall Design

These days at exhibition stalls, branding is now becoming more than messaging. It is about creating an experience for your customers. In this day and age of online purchasing, exhibitions and the experiences you create around them are of utmost importance. It is the one time your customer meets you in the flesh. And it is your one chance to make an impression. The last thing you should be doing is taking your stall designing lightly.
At the end of the day, an exhibition is also a time for you to focus on networking, doing market research and understanding where your competitors stand. We at The Spaceship Design will focus on your stall branding while you focus your energies on expanding your business.

  1. The Minimalistic Approach: The Minimalist approach to packaging design believes in the concept of ‘less is more’. This packaging will appear almost bare but at the same time elegant and subtle. When executing this approach, the designer must be careful not to let the design appear incomplete. Done well, minimalistic packaging can both cut costs and create an impression with the customer.
  2. The Vintage Approach: Don’t we all love it when we see something that takes us back in time? The Vintage approach to packaging design cashes in on this feeling of nostalgia. Remember bell-bottoms, bright colours, hand-painted posters? Elements from all this are used when designing with the vintage approach.
  3. The Local Approach: Every corner of the country has a local tradition associated with it. From Warli art to terracotta to Madhubani paintings or even traditional marble work. Many brands choose to connect with the area they hail from by using elements of the local artwork in their packaging design.
  4. The Luxurious Approach: This approach is used for products that want to position themselves as more expensive, niche or elitist. This packaging design approach is minimalist in a sense but also uses certain elements that convey the message of an upscale brand. For example, the use of the colour black, using styles such as emboss or plating etc.

These were just a few visual approaches used by a packaging design company such as The Spaceship Design. As you can see, packaging design is important for any brand. The last thing you want is your customer receiving a damaged product, or being unable to open your package easily, or even worse mistaking your product for something else altogether. To avoid such a situation, contact The Spaceship Design, who have their own in-house packaging design experts.

As a side note, it must be mentioned that these days many customers are becoming environment conscious. Packaging too has evolved with the times and therefore today packaging that can be upcycled is specifically created.

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