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Sky rocket your businesses popularity. The Spaceship Design can help you either become a social media influencer or help you work with influencers.

In the world of tagging, likes and followers how does one’s brand stand out of the crowd? Today, every smart phone user has the potential to become a social media influencer but not everybody has the time, effort or dedication required to be one. So, some brands use the popularity of certain social media influencers to promote themselves. These become win-win situations for the influencer and the brand. An expert social media company such as The Spaceship Design, Pune can help you either become an influencer yourself or guide you through working with already existing influencers.

Who Is a Social Media Influencer?

Let’s first understand the basics. A social media influencer is one who has a large following on a social media platform. These people regularly post interesting, relevant content on their pages that make audiences want to follow them. The kind of content they produce could be absolutely anything as long as it’s engaging. Given the number of platforms there are and the way these platforms constantly evolve, it is difficult to define the number of followers one needs to have in order to be categorized as a social media influencer. However, in general a social media influencer will have a loyal audience base, will post regularly and will have the ability to create trends amongst followers.

How is a Social Media Influencer Different from a Celebrity?

From time immemorial celebrities have been endorsing brands and products. So, how does this differ from influencer marketing today? Social media influencers rely wholly and solely on online content. They could be anybody, the quiet neighbour, the local shopkeeper etc. Celebrities on the other hand come with an established reputation. And whilst this used to work well earlier, today’s audiences need to feel like they can relate more easily to their role models. It is for this reason that social media agencies such as The Spaceship Design, Pune are harnessing the power of social media influencers to promote various brands.

Why Businesses Need to Work With Social Media Influencers?

Influencers today are in a position of power. They dictate relevance in the digital world. And no matter how much we try and avoid it, every business needs to be visible and relevant online.

An influencer communicates directly with his/her followers. They also have the potential to post any time of day or night, unlike traditional advertising where your brand was visible only for a certain period of time. This works out to be very cost-effective for businesses. Additionally, a social media influencer may work with an extremely niche audience. This sometimes works in favour of certain brands.

Why Businesses Need a Social Media Agency to Work With Influencers?

It may appear pretty straightforward. You identify the influencer you want to tie-up with and go ahead and do it. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Today you can safely say that the number of influencers on social media easily crosses millions. Which one you choose also depends on your business objectives and media plan. A social media agency such as The Spaceship Design, Pune will help you navigate this process better.

To choose the apt influencer one must take into consideration certain factors. The first is the relevance of the influencer. The influencer does not just need to be relevant to your sector his/her reach must include your relevant target audience. For example if you are in the healthcare sector and your products are useful for people above a certain age, it may not make sense for you to tie-up with a younger influencer who is a fitness freak. While choosing an influencer to work with you have to make sure both your audience and your objectives are met. That is where an expert social media agency like The Spaceship Design, Pune can help you.

The next factor is the resonance of the influencer. What this essentially means is that the influencer you work with needs to be able to create enough engagement and enthusiasm around your brand. Sometimes an influencer may not have a huge following but maybe targeting a niche market that works for your brand. The objective is to get as many responses to your advertisement as possible. Say for example an Influencer A has 1000 followers without a niche and Influencer B has only 600 followers but in a niche segment. Your brand may get only 400 responses through Influencer B, but those 400 may convert.

The other aspect a social media company like The Spaceship Design, Pune can help you with is understanding who you want to influence and creating a strategy for the same. You also need to gauge how much your audience trusts your chosen influencer. Ideally, your influencer needs to be creating content that matches your brands look & feel and values. This ensures that your tie-up doesn’t come across as forced. Brands also need to be weary of over-selling. Too many posts in too short a time-frame can annoy your target audience.

What Businesses Need to Be Careful off:

It’s one thing to choose an influencer, it’s quite another to convince them to promote your brand. Influencers have worked very hard to build their follower base and they don’t need to necessarily associate with your brand. It is therefore up to a good social media agency to show them how tying up with you works in their favour.

Secondly, a brand must allow the influencer to bring in his/her own creativity. This may be inconsistent with some parts of your brand philosophy, but without it your influencer will lose followers as well. An agency like The Spaceship Design will help negotiate the amount of creative liberties an influencer can take, keeping both parties satisfied.

As you can see, working with a social media influencer requires constant balancing of a tight-rope between your investment and output. A social media agency such as The Spaceship Design in Pune, will help you measure your influencer performance every step of the way.

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