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Our Pune based agency will help you improve your websites ranking and visibility, no matter where you are. We provide complete SEO services, tips & techniques.

The Spaceship Design is a Pune based SEO agency that is known for running some of the most brilliant SEO campaigns in an influential manner. Our campaigns are a result of the perfect combination of both technical knowledge and creative flair.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

As the name suggest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for search engines. Meaning, it is a process by which you make your website more readable for an online search engine. The more readable the website, the better it’s ranking. And a good ranking leads to an increase in the number and quality of visitors.

But wanting to be on the first page search results of Google and deserving to be there are two very different things. Earning that spot amongst such phenomenal competitors can be very tough. Your business, brand and website needs to be in top-notch order to claim that position. With every passing day this already existing competition is increasing.

SEO Practices the Spaceship Design follows

So how does a SEO agency, such as The Spaceship Design, Pune, help earn that most coveted spot on Google’s first page? To begin with we use a combination of methods that range from checking your websites basic hygiene practices to targeting relevant keywords.

Some SEO practices we use include doing thorough keyword research, onsite optimization that works towards improving the structure and navigation of a web page and most importantly ensuring the users experience is delightful.

There is of course a lot more behind good SEO. Content marketing, link building, map optimization (now increasingly important), local searches following guidelines etc. all help increase rankings.

At the Spaceship Design, we design our Search Engine Optimization services in a way that helps increase the visibility and existence of your brand online, so more traffic is directed towards your website. Our team of brilliant developers & in-house SEO experts handle each client individually ensuring that every client’s requirements are personally met. Over the years, we have gained the trust of both small and large scale industries. None of our clients have ever been left disappointed.

Why The Spaceship Design Succeeds at SEO?

The major reason behind our successful campaigns is our team of in-house SEO experts who work day-in and day-out to give the best to every client. SEO is an ever-changing field. And staying up-to-date is of prime importance. Our team is constantly serving different businesses who have different requirements and varied target audiences. This helps us keep pace with the latest in SEO practices. We ourselves stay updated on the latest changes in search engine algorithms such as the Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates. We strive to develop new means and methods to keep our SEO practices at the top of its game.

We at The Spaceship Design, provide SEO guidance and consultancy. It is important to know relevant keywords for your search engine optimization to be effective. Making irrational estimations will only prolong the process and take away from our desired goals. We do not allow or support the wastage of time of either party. We realize how important every minute is in today’s world. Hence, we stay away from making promises we can’t keep. We also give our clients regular detailed monthly reports that keep them informed of the effectiveness of our SEO practices. Our services also include Website recovery. We believe that everybody makes mistakes and there isn’t anything that can’t be fixed.

Ethical SEO Practices

The most important aspect for an SEO agency such as ours is to be rigid about not using what are called Black Hat practices. Black Hat practices are aggressive SEO tactics that do not usually follow search engine guidelines. They are fast, cheap solutions which can attract huge penalties from the search engine. Activities like keyword stuffing (where one repeats a keyword in the content without it making any sense) the use of hidden text (e.g. - Hiding keywords from the human eye by typing them in the same colour as the websites background) and the purchase of links are all Black Hat techniques that can be highly risky. As opposed to this, The Spaceship Design is extremely particular about following only White Hat practices.

This was a jist of the many SEO services we provide. To find out more about all our services, get in touch with us today!

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