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Product packaging design is the first point of contact with your customer. At The Spaceship Design, we make designs that have a long-lasting impact.

How would you decide to buy a product, if you had no prior knowledge of it? Maybe you would read its label and find out more about it. But in the day and age of aggressive consumerism and advertising, how would you pick out which product labels to read? Chances are you are subconsciously relying on packaging design.

Whether it is your pizza delivery box, a gadget or even something as simple as biscuits, every product we consume is delivered in a package. And this package is carefully designed to attract your attention.

The most important aspect of packaging design is its visual appeal. Brands have begun realising this. So much so that they now turn to specialists in packaging design such as The Spaceship Design to customize their products packaging. So what makes agencies such as the Spaceship Design, expert packaging designers?

Other Advantages of Good Packaging

These agencies realise the detailing that goes into good packaging design. Yes! The visual appeal plays a large part in a products packaging, but there is more to it. An experienced product packaging designer will know that beyond attracting a customer’s attention, packaging also needs to convey information clearly about the product and create a connection with the audience. Brand identity works towards presenting a clear message to new prospective customers as well reminding existing customers of the products you offer. With the right colours and fonts being used consistently, you can reiterate your brand identity making it easier for your customers to recognise you in a crowd.

Do you need to Change your Packaging?

To understand if your brand needs assistance with packaging design, just ask yourself a few basic questions. Is your logo clearly visible on your products packaging? Does your packaging use the brand colours and fonts? Do you have set colours and fonts for your brand? Is the information you are providing legible? If you responded negatively to any of these questions or if you haven’t given it much thought, it may be time to hire the services of a packaging design company such as The Spaceship Design.

We’ve mentioned repeatedly that your packaging design must convey information clearly. But what information are we referring too? Most often, your customers need to know what the product is, who it was designed for, how the product works, where the product was made, how soon they need to use it and most importantly why the customer needs to use the product. That’s a lot of questions to be answered clearly on one tiny label. And it takes an expert team to do that effectively.

Does your Packaging do Justice to your Product?

Then there are the practical aspects that one must take into consideration. i.e. – the manufacturing perspective. A seasoned packaging designer such as those at The Spaceship Design will know the feasibility of actually implementing your ideas. Your packaging needs to be functional as well. The first aspect that needs to be considered is whether the packaging can actually protect the product as it is meant to. Your product will probably go through a number of warehouses and modes of transport before it reaches the end user. It needs to be in good condition when it reaches. The question a packaging designer needs to answer is what material will the packaging be and will it survive the entire journey. That apart the packaging also needs to follow standard regulations in areas you are marketing to. And a good design team such as the one at The Spaceship Design will be able take all these factors into consideration.

Before beginning the design of a product or its packaging, our designers at The Spaceship Design take into consideration one more crucial step; a discussion with the marketing team. The marketing team will give direction on the key information that needs to be conveyed on the products packaging, various ways in which they think the packaging can be used to promote the product and who the brand wants to speak to. Even the best designers need clarity on this before they can move forward.

Will your Packaging Grow With your Company?

Another reason to consider professional packaging designers such as The Spaceship Design is the fact that your packaging needs to be versatile. Suppose your brand sells chocolates. You design some beautiful packaging for it. But tomorrow your company expands and is now selling biscuits and other bakery products as well. Since you’ve already established your brand identity with your chocolates, you may not want to change the packaging. So, your packaging needs to be designed in such a way that even if you want to diversify or expand your product line in the future, your packaging should be versatile enough for the change.

Visual Approaches to Packaging Design

Now that you know why packaging design is important and what it entails, let’s take a look at an aspect of good packaging design that concerns you the most i.e. – the visual aspect. As a brand your first priority is to ensure that your customer selects your product from the many others available. Before speaking to a product packaging design service such as The Spaceship Design, familiarize yourself with some visual design aspects. Here’s a description of a few visual approaches to get you started.

  1. The Minimalistic Approach: The Minimalist approach to packaging design believes in the concept of ‘less is more’. This packaging will appear almost bare but at the same time elegant and subtle. When executing this approach, the designer must be careful not to let the design appear incomplete. Done well, minimalistic packaging can both cut costs and create an impression with the customer.
  2. The Vintage Approach: Don’t we all love it when we see something that takes us back in time? The Vintage approach to packaging design cashes in on this feeling of nostalgia. Remember bell-bottoms, bright colours, hand-painted posters? Elements from all this are used when designing with the vintage approach.
  3. The Local Approach: Every corner of the country has a local tradition associated with it. From Warli art to terracotta to Madhubani paintings or even traditional marble work. Many brands choose to connect with the area they hail from by using elements of the local artwork in their packaging design.
  4. The Luxurious Approach: This approach is used for products that want to position themselves as more expensive, niche or elitist. This packaging design approach is minimalist in a sense but also uses certain elements that convey the message of an upscale brand. For example, the use of the colour black, using styles such as emboss or plating etc.

These were just a few visual approaches used by a packaging design company such as The Spaceship Design. As you can see, packaging design is important for any brand. The last thing you want is your customer receiving a damaged product, or being unable to open your package easily, or even worse mistaking your product for something else altogether. To avoid such a situation, contact The Spaceship Design, who have their own in-house packaging design experts.

As a side note, it must be mentioned that these days many customers are becoming environment conscious. Packaging too has evolved with the times and therefore today packaging that can be upcycled is specifically created.

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