Product Launch

3-2-1… Liftoff! We’re astronauts, remember? Launching is what we do best!

Product launches are not just glitz, glamour and a bit of press coverage. They are well thought out marketing strategies designed to build sales momentum. We at the Spaceship Design will help your product enter the market with a bang!

For us, a product launch is not limited to the actual day of release in the market. The launch includes building suspense around the product before it’s anywhere close to release. You may not have a large budget but if rumours can spread like wild fire, what’s stopping news about your brand from doing the same?

We are an advertising agency that likes to look at things with a holistic perspective. When launching a product, we take as much as possible into consideration. We consider the timing of the launch, the buzz before it, your current positioning, current consumer trends and competitor behavior. Before the launch we analyze if the market is actually ready for your product and how best to tap into it.

Depending on your requirement and budget, the launch could involve a big promotional party, online reviews, offers or even some offbeat, innovative tactics. We will help you plan the right launch strategy for your product. Our agency will help your customers welcome your baby into the world.

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