Media Planning & Buying

It’s not enough for a brand to just be visible. A brand needs to visible in the right place at the right time. Our space-crew at The Spaceship Design, a top media planning & buying agency in Pune, takes a 360degree approach to increase your brand visibility.

Would The Great Bear be so famous, if it weren’t visible with the naked eye? Unfortunately for us, visibility on Earth costs money. Through our diligent process of media planning. Our agency will guide you in making a step-by-step plan of where to display your brand and how much to spend on it.

Would you like to display your brand on the radio, print media, online or on hoardings? Which medium will have the largest reach and return on investment? How long should you be running campaigns? The answers to these questions can feel overwhelming, but with our detailed media planning process, we help you simplify.

Whether it is a question of understanding your market better, or choosing the appropriate media channels, or even deciding your campaign duration & budget. The Spaceship Design will help you find your answers.

Media buying, as the name suggests, is the actual implementation of these answers. Which newspaper is giving you the maximum space for the least cost? Can the price of a hoarding be negotiated if you buy it for a longer period of time? How often will the radio spot play? And most importantly, how well is your campaign performing? We speak to media houses on your behalf. Networking, negotiating and acquiring - our agency handles it all for you!

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