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Wondering where to show-off your talents? We at The Spaceship Design, a top media planning & buying agency in Pune, takes a 360degree approach to increase your brand visibility.

Luck is not just a combination of hard work and fate; it’s also got to do with being in the right place at the right time. Media planning and buying ensures your campaign is seen by the right people at the right time. Even if your advertising campaign is extremely creative, it may not perform well if you don’t market it well. And by marketing it well, we mean marketing it to the right audiences. Our media buying and planning agency in Pune, The Spaceship Design can help you with this. But first you need to understand what media planning and buying is.

What is Media Planning?

Today there are more ways to communicate to your audiences than ever before, and choosing which platform to use can be overwhelming to say the least. That’s where a media planning agency like The Spaceship Design comes in. We simplify this process of choosing the most effective platform for your messaging. So, how is this done? First, we understand who your brand wants to reach out too. Then based on demographic studies, analytics, budget considerations and comparisons, we give you the most effective platforms your brand should be on. It’s not enough to decide where you need to be seen. A media planning and buying agency like the Spaceship Design, Pune will also help you plan how long your brand needs to be seen there and how often.

The Media Planning Process:

While there are no hard and fast rules on the media planning process, these are a few aspects that will definitely be covered by any good media planning & buying agency such as the Spaceship Design, Pune.

  1. Market Research: Before you try and communicate with an audience, you need to understand the market you aim to cater too. For example, you may have an excellent Instagram campaign idea for your brand but when you do your research, you may realise that your customers are not active on Instagram and prefer to use Whatsapp.

    For a third-party media agency to conduct good research, they must also understand your business before trying to market it. This involves understanding how the brand has evolved over the years, your vision for the brand and both long-term & immediate business objectives. Only when all this is taken into account, can one make an effective media plan.
  2. Platforms/Channels: Based on the information gathered during the research phase a media planning agency such as The Spaceship Design can now begin determining the best platforms for your brand to gain visibility on. Whether it’s through billboards, brochures, social media or other forms of digital media; the media planning & buying agency will give you what they think is the most effective break-up of which platforms you need to be visible on.
  3. Timing: Some platforms require an advertisement to be visible constantly such as a billboard hoarding, while on other platforms your advertisement may appear once in a while, such as on the radio. A media planning team gives the approximate duration for which they wish to run a campaign. The media buying team will buy specific slots based on the planning teams’ suggestions, cost implications and availability.
  4. Budgets: Once a plan is made, a budget will be presented as well. The media planner will work towards changing the plan to suit any budget concerns you may have, while maintaining the effectiveness of the campaigns planned.

What is Media Buying?

After the plan is made, we proceed to buy the decided media spots. This could include buying air-time on a radio channel, buying space on hoardings across your city, promoting digital advertisements etc. Any platform you want to advertise on will come with a cost. Media buying is a process that requires a media buying agency like The Spaceship Design, Pune to contact the owners of each space you want to advertise on, negotiate with them, compare rates of other agencies, book your spot for the duration required and finally display your campaign effectively to your target audience. In a sense, media buying is the execution of the media strategy.

A good media buying agency such as The Spaceship Design, Pune has to maintain a good rapport with various vendors and of course the owners of the media space. While a personal rapport may not be a necessity these days, it still comes in handy during a crunch situation.

Along with rapport comes the ability to negotiate. Media buyers are given a fixed budget to work with. Within that budget they need to effectively sell your advertising campaign.

Another responsibility a media buying agency carries out is that of monitoring the performance of the advertising campaign. No matter where you display your ad, a media buying agency such as the Spaceship Design, Pune will track its performance every step of the way. And if isn’t performing well enough, they will either remove the ad or change it, in order to avoid wasting your funds.

As you can see, without a proper plan in place, all your strategy may go waste. And similarly, without knowing the intricacies of ad spaces you may end up spending money unnecessarily. With a media planning and buying company like The Spaceship Design on your side you can rest assured that you will get your desired return on investment and visibility for your brand.

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