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Enter the subconscious of your audiences by portraying the values & personality of your brand with a logo. Effective logos by us will communicate your brand identity.

You see an over-sized 'M' and what's the first thing you think of? What do you think of when you see a red and white soda can? Or even when you see a blue circle with a white gap? Chances are you answered McDonalds, Coca-Cola and SBI. And chances are you are right. That is the power of good logo design.

What is Logo?

Logos are symbols that are used to denote a brand. They are one of the most important aspects of marketing & branding. As the examples above show, they have the potential to become iconic. Needlessly to say, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are planning to design a logo for your brand, you need professional help from the experts like The Spaceship Design, Pune.

Behind the Scenes of Logo Design

There is no quantifiable way of deciding what makes a good logo. Sometimes it is its simplicity; sometimes it is the thought behind it and for others it could be its uniqueness. However, good logo designers such as the ones at The Spaceship Design, Pune keep a few practical things in mind while creating a logo.

To begin with, they consider how your logo will look on various products and advertising collaterals. Something that looks good on a billboard may not look the same on a piece of office stationary. The logo designer will create variations that can be used across media.

The other aspect they consider is whether the logo depicts the brand and its vision clearly. Just by looking at the logo, the customer should be able to get an idea of which sector your company works in and perhaps a bit about the company’s philosophy. Is it youthful, sporty, serious etc.?

Then there is the logos uniqueness. The logo needs to be able to depict all of the above while still standing apart from the crowd. It needs to be easily recognizable and impactful on first sight. This requires attention to detail. The colours, shapes and fonts used in a logo play a large part in communicating your message.

Types of Logos

Logos can be classified into 7 basic types, and luckily for you our expert logo designers at The Spaceship Design, Pune can make them all.

  1. Pictorial Logo: As the name suggests, this kind of logo uses imagery to depict the brand. The Twitter bird and the Apple logo are examples of pictorial logos. These logos have universal appeal and are memorable. The image you select for your logo should depict your brand clearly. The logo designer therefore needs to be able to give you relevant options to choose from.
  2. Abstract Logo: These are similar to pictorial logos except that the imagery used need not imitate something from real life. It can be abstract. The Microsoft Windows logo or the Pepsi logo are both abstract. These kind of logos allow a brand to depict themselves unrestricted. They also allow you to expand your products and services without having to change your logo. However, you may run the risk of making the logo too vague, which is why you need a professional logo designer from a logo design company such as The Spaceship Design, Pune.
  3. Word Mark: A word mark is a stylized version of your brand name. It uses an interesting font and colour combination to spell out your brand name. Google and Facebook are popular examples of this. Some brands even work at creating their own font set, in order to prevent others from copying their logo. Word marks are great for new businesses as they convey and establish the brand name. It also helps if the name is unique as well.
  4. Letter Mark: Letter marks are similar to word marks as they are also typographical. However, they differ because they don’t spell out the entire brand name. They only use the initials of the brand. Remember BBC, CNN and HBO? They’re all examples of letter mark logos. This may seem like an easy logo to make, but remember the font and design of the initials need to make an impression.
  5. Combination Logo: These combine the use of visuals & typography, giving brands the option of using them together or individually as well. This is yet another good option for newer brands as the customer immediately begins to associate both the name and logo together. Once the brand is established, each element will be recognizable on its own. Mahindra, Airtel and Bajaj are a few brands that use a combination logo.
  6. Emblems: Emblems contain the brand name within the design itself. The advantage here is that they are very difficult to replicate as they consist of a lot of detailing. The disadvantage however is that they are not always versatile. Some companies such as Starbucks have done well with an Emblem logo.
  7. Moscots: Mascot logos are those that use an illustrated character to represent the brand. The most famous mascots are those used for the Olympic Games. Closer to home, we have the Amul girl and the Air India Maharaja. Mascots are usually used by brands who want to connect with the entire family.

Why Brands Need Logo Designers:

Your logo is your brand ambassador. It is the first thing customers notice about the brand. And as shown above, there is a certain amount of science and thought that goes into creating a good logo. A brand may have different uses or requirements from a logo. Some would want a website logo, brand logo, business logo, company logo or even a 3D logo. Even if you could design a logo in-house, an amateur may not be able to create a logo versatile enough to be used across the platforms of today. Therefore any company taking their branding efforts seriously should consider hiring a team of expert logo designers such as that of The Spaceship Design, Pune.

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