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Our online B2B & B2C lead generation strategies are focused on converting browsers into buyers. We understand what drives both you and your customer.

The Spaceship Design is a company that generates leads and targets both B2B and B2C clients. In the digital marketing field, generating leads is an extremely crucial aspect that brings companies closer to their customer base. At The Spaceship Design, we provide pay- per- lead and other such lead generation services, to promote the growth of online businesses through digital promotions.

The high cost involved in generating leads is testament to how important an activity it is for businesses. Leads are the first step towards directly connecting a brand with its audience. At The Spaceship Design, we sift through all the leads and email you only the most authentic and relevant ones, leading to a greater possibility of conversions.

How does increasing leads help you?

Leads don’t just create a stronger connection with your target group; they also help get a better sense of your audience. Who are the people inquiring about your product? Where do they live? What do they like? Etc. All this information helps a brand narrow down its marketing efforts while getting double the results. For example, you may have known earlier that your product was popular in certain towns, but with lead generation, you can understand exactly which part of the town actually needs your product. You can then choose exactly where you would like to promote your product and which product specifically you would like to promote.

Methods to generate Awesome Business Leads

Our talented team members use various techniques and methods to generate authentic leads.

Your sales team will probably love our company as we share their load by covering all aspects of lead generation. We have an experienced and enthusiastic sales team of our own who will be a constant part of your brands’ digital journey. They take care of all activities and queries related to the sales of your product/services. We use various methods to reach potential leads. This includes paid search marketing, content marketing and email marketing amongst others. We follow a technique of interactive marketing in order to stay involved with the customers and audiences constantly.

Understanding the leads you have: The Funnel Approach

Once you have captured your leads, The Spaceship Design helps you classify and make sense of them. We use the funnel method to do this. Imagine an ice-cream cone. This is your funnel.

Leads at the top of the funnel (or the largest part of the cone) are those who don’t know anything about your product. They need to be educated about your product /services. At the same time they shouldn’t feel forced into listening about your product. These leads need to be handled with care. They need to be informed about your brand but subtly.

Leads in the middle of your funnel are thinking about your product and have almost decided to buy it; they just need a bit of a nudge. It is important to have conversations with this group of people. They need to be reassured about your product. This group responds well to first-hand experiences of other customers such as online reviews and testimonials.

Right at the bottom of your funnel, or the end of your cone, are those who actually need your product. They know everything they need to know about it and are ready to buy. These leads are the ones ripe for conversion. As a business, this is where one needs to spend the maximum time and effort. It is at this point that people offer trials, demos and discounts.

As you can see, lead generation is a systematic process. It requires a certain skill-set that we at The Spaceship Design can provide. Get in touch with us to generate more leads for your business and other aspects related to marketing. We are just an email or phone call away!

Ethical SEO Practices

The most important aspect for an SEO agency such as ours is to be rigid about not using what are called Black Hat practices. Black Hat practices are aggressive SEO tactics that do not usually follow search engine guidelines. They are fast, cheap solutions which can attract huge penalties from the search engine. Activities like keyword stuffing (where one repeats a keyword in the content without it making any sense) the use of hidden text (e.g. - Hiding keywords from the human eye by typing them in the same colour as the websites background) and the purchase of links are all Black Hat techniques that can be highly risky. As opposed to this, The Spaceship Design is extremely particular about following only White Hat practices.

This was a jist of the many SEO services we provide. To find out more about all our services, get in touch with us today!

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