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Your audience needs something to identify your brand by. A simple geometric figure, a unique type font, or even a specific colour – What will make your brand stand out?

At The Spaceship Design, we understand the importance of effective identity and logo design. We use the method of strategic design to bridge the gap between business and design. Design can help build brand identity. There are many kinds of designs in the world, but in our world the only kind that matters are those that are relevant to businesses.

For most businesses, one of the first steps of creating a brand identity is to invest in creating a logo. The logo is one of the simplest yet lasting investments for your company. Your logo appears on every single piece of communication from your company. It enters the subconscious of your audience, creating a universe of its own by portraying the values and personality of your brand. Sounds tougher to create than you realized right? Relax. Take a look at the behind the scenes of logo design? A logo is crucial for any brand looking to make an impact and should be made by a professional.

At The Spaceship Design, we use combination of thought, process and creativity to help you promote your identity & communicate your brands’ overall message while promoting your business goals.

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