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While design is a creative field, brand designing needs to be strategic. For a brand to have an effective identity, it needs to speak a consistent visual language.

Ask any design agency to create a logo, website, brochure or advertisement for you and they will do it easily. But ask them how effective it was and you may not get a simple answer. A creative design agency such as The Spaceship Design Pune understands that good design needs to be effective in the market as well. That is why we focus on strategic design in anything we do.

What is Strategic Design?

To answer this let’s break-up the term. The word ‘strategy’ implies the presence of a plan to achieve a certain goal. While the term ‘design’ refers to creating unique solutions which in this case refers more to visual solutions. Strategic Design therefore implies that the designs created have thought and planning behind them, making them more effective in the long run. Strategic Design is a method of bridging the gap between business and design.

Why Designers Need to Think Strategically?

Most think of design as a highly creative haphazard field. However, when you design for businesses there has to be a method to the madness. A designer must understand what the larger picture is. Why the client has asked for particular aspects in the design? Who is it that the client is targeting? Being able to ask and answer questions like these that go beyond basic requirements gives the graphic team at The Spaceship Design Pune an edge over its competitors.

How Design can build a Brand?

Strategic design is done with the aim of building a brand. But what exactly is a brand? A brand refers to the emotional connection that a business shares with its customers. For example when one refers to the brand Godrej, reliability or security is one of the first things people think of. But how was this image built? It was built with years of strategic marketing, brand design and of course products that provide reliability and security.

Today’s world is highly competitive and building a brand takes double the effort, which is why companies look for branding experts like The Spaceship Design Pune.

So how does design relate to a brand? Through design one can create a brand identity. Brand identity is everything you see in relation to the brand. The logo, the colours, the fonts, the advertisements, the product design etc. all convey a certain messaging about a brand. This is called brand identity.

Brand identity designers such as those at The Spaceship Design Pune work towards creating coherence across all your visuals.

Is Brand Identity the Same as Branding?

They’re similar but not the same. Brand identity is one part of branding. Branding is the process of creating a brand identity. That could involve anything right from thinking of the brand name to designing the logo. Branding is more of an umbrella term as compared to brand identity. But design plays a major role here as well because in order to have good branding one must have consistent brand identity. A creative design agency such as The Spaceship Design Pune has a team of trained, experienced professionals who ensure this consistency.

To have a consistent brand identity, there must be a link between the positioning of the brand, the promise the brand makes to the customer, the values of the brand, the personality of the brand and even the tone of voice of the brand. Having all these aspects in synch with each other is what will build brand identity.

Kinds of Design Relevant to Businesses

There are as many kinds of design as there are artists in the world. So, we at The Spaceship Design Pune explore a few kinds of design that we think is especially relevant to businesses.

  1. Website Design: Websites are windows to your business. In today’s world one can compare them to product packaging. While a person may buy a product just based on its qualities, often it is the packaging that attracts them to it. Similarly with websites. If your website is badly designed, you will not be able to retain your customers. A good website is a combination of looks, layout, ease of navigation and simple messaging. An expert design agency such as The Spaceship Design Pune can help you create a website that welcomes customers.
  2. Identity Design: When you think of identity, what comes to mind? Maybe the defining feature of a person; be it physical or personality based. Identity is what makes you who you are. Your unique attributes. Similarly, when designing for a brand, one needs to create the brands identity or persona. To do this an expert design agency like The Spaceship Design Pune will analyse the brands key features and present them in a way that conveys the brand persona and identity.

Creative Design and Branding

As mentioned earlier none of this branding would be possible without creative design. A team who works with an approach that puts design strategy first will be hugely beneficial for your business. As opposed to a team that executes orders blindly.

Our team of designers at The Spaceship Design Pune are specifically trained to add value to your brand and your business objectives.

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