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A corporate video makes a statement about your company. Make sure it’s a powerful one with the help of The Spaceship Design, Pune.

Why would corporates spend their resources creating videos that talk about themselves? These videos may only be used for internal circulation, and yet they are considered extremely important. The reason for this is that videos leave an impact. They also work as visual proof of the companies work and processes. But most importantly they have the ability to inspire employees. So, let’s explore the world of corporate films and how a corporate video production company like The Spaceship Design, Pune can help you create yours.

Why a Brand Needs to Invest in a Corporate Video?

A corporate may choose to make a video for a variety of reasons. Maybe they want to explain their vision to their employees, or maybe they want to showcase a product to their customers. Corporate films are essentially short videos that cover the company’s philosophy, history, services or products. These films are made with the aim of establishing brand identity.

Corporate films are increasingly becoming the norm due to their comparatively lower costs of production (when compared to films for broadcast such as television commercials). Secondly the cost of distribution is minimal. At just the click of a mouse, you can reach audiences at the other end of the globe. And for that you don’t even need to pay extra. One aspect of being global is being visible online. And a film grabs the attention of not just people but search engines as well.

The other advantage of a corporate film is that you can always change its content and edit it according to your business goals and latest trends. It does not have to be a permanent feature in your company and can be improved and developed over time.

These days, people are constantly bombarded with marketing communications. Having a good film that creatively expresses your views will give your customers information in and interesting and entertaining format.

What Kind of Corporate Videos Should Be Made?

This is a highly personal choice. Each brand has their individual requirements and persona. A good corporate film-making team such as The Spaceship Design, Pune will keep this in mind before suggesting a line of treatment for the film.

There are a number of film formats and treatments to choose from such as online videos, training videos, event videos, documentary films, ad films, testimonial films, promotional films and so on and so forth. Once your objectives, target audience and budget are clear, the treatment of your film will also fall into place.

But no matter what style of film you choose, the process of planning and making the corporate video remains the same.

How we make a Corporate Video & Why it adds Value?

So how does one go about making a corporate video? To begin with one needs to hire a film making company such as The Spaceship Design, Pune. These companies save you the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and teams, and allow you to focus on the bigger picture. They usually have their own team who will take care of everything right from the pre-production stage where they plan the film, to executing it & editing until you finally get the final product.

Corporate film companies like The Spaceship Design, Pune have the ability to understand your business and convey its message creatively to your target audience. They will discuss their creative ideas with you and work in tandem to ensure your business objectives are still met. Corporate films are usually short in duration, and do not exceed more than 10minutes. They may even be only 30seconds to 2 minutes long. Though this may not appear like much to you, the effort taken to create the film is the same no matter what its duration. The only variable will be the amount of time you spend making it.

The first step any corporate film production company such as The Spaceship Design, Pune will do is to get a brief from the brand and then present a script. Scripting is extremely important as it puts down on paper exactly what will happen in the film. The script will be presented along with a budget. Once these two documents are approved, the production team gets to work. Further to scripting there is a process called story-boarding. Here, each scene is detailed out.

While the story-board is finalized, the rest of the team is hired. Most often video production companies such as The Spaceship Design, Pune work with a regular team of freelancers who come on board on a per project basis. Very few production companies in India have a team in place at all times.

So who makes up the rest of the crew? Well depending on your budget, some roles may not be required but others usually stay constant. Most often a video production team like The Spaceship Design, Pune will be led by a Director. Then you have other roles like the Director of Photography, Producers, Casting Directors, Technical Crew (Cameras, Sound, Lighting etc.)

Is a Corporate Film Worth Investing In?

The short answer is – Yes! Today’s market is flooded with video content and yet there are no signs of saturation. In fact, the demand for video content only seems to be increasing. For any business to stay relevant they need to be able to communicate with their market and video is the way to do that today.

Given its popularity, the cost of production of corporate videos has decreased in recent times. And while it is tempting to save costs by making your own film, remember that whatever you create needs to stand-out in an overcrowded market. Therefore, it makes more sense investing in a corporate film making company like The Spaceship Design, Pune, who will not compromise on quality.

A corporate video makes a statement about your company. Make sure it’s a powerful one.

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