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Clutter breaking designs and clear brand positioning is what our team of Corporate Space Branding professionals will deliver to you.

Imagine working in a dull grey cubicle surrounded by white walls day in and day out. Now, imagine that same cubicle has a bit of colour added to it; a streak of green, a doodle, a pattern etc. If you had a choice, which workspace would you choose?

People spend a majority of their lives in an office workspace. Making it a little interesting makes them slightly more inclined to choose to work with you. But that’s not the only reason why corporates have begun insisting on space branding. As a corporate space branding agency, we at The Spaceship Design Pune delve deeper into space branding and its advantages.

Why Corporate Space Branding?

Branding your office space is one of the best ways to immerse people into your brand without aggressively marketing to them. Corporate space can help you tell your brand story, share your vision and display your brands personality. Using common spaces in your environment such as the reception or meeting rooms, conveys subtle messages about your brand to employees and visitors. A good corporate space branding agency such as The Spaceship Design, Pune can help you brand your office space subtly yet effectively.

What Employees Stand to Gain From Corporate Space Branding

To begin with, having a vibrant workspace is inviting and inspiring. This helps employees stay motivated and happy. If an employee dreads going to the office just because of the way it looks, productivity and health deteriorate. Corporate space branding is not just about painting the walls but involves the complete interior designing of the office space. When a corporate pays attention to these details, employees understand that their physical and mental well-being is of concern to the brand.

Everybody works differently and a workspace should be conducive to this. For example, your office may have open spaces that allow for people to interact across hierarchies. These are great, but may not work for individual contributors. Having a mix of spaces both interactive and independent allows employees to work the way they like, helping them achieve their maximum potential. This is why every corporate needs a branding strategy.

Good space branding is also known to boost creativity and productivity. A simple change in your environment can improve ones’ mood and therefore productivity. It also creates a sense of belonging When a space is designed a certain way, you could be sitting in any part of the world but feel like you belong to the team.

What Brands Stand to Gain from Corporate Space Branding

One of the main advantages of corporates space branding is the fact that brands can create consistency in their positioning. Consistency in brand positioning ensures that anyone who interacts with the brand understands the same values, vision, mission and ideals that the brand stands for. This helps you retain those employees who share your vision. Many companies want to brand their spaces in order to differentiate themselves from other companies in their field. They want to create their own identity.

The other advantage of corporate space branding is the fact that it makes an impression on potential new clients. The first impression is said to be the best and nobody wants to mess that up. When potential business prospects walk in the door and see a well-branded corporate space, it immediately shows your brand as self-aware. And that adds a feeling of credibility.

Corporate space branding is essentially a way of representing your company visually. Visuals leave strong impressions on the mind and chances are, any client who is impressed with your office space, will be more inclined to be impressed with your work.

Corporate Space Branding Strategy

Before you start calling the painters and changing the furniture, a company needs to have a branding strategy. You can ask for external help to do this by approaching space branding strategists like The Spaceship Design Pune.

A strategy involves both an overall picture and working on the details. Overall, the brand needs to know what it would like to communicate and what it stands for. Then comes the details. For this a company must first and foremost understand its employees. For example young employees may be more excited about working in a well-designed space, but older employees maybe more concerned about getting ergonomic furniture. At the end of the day, it is your employees who spend the maximum time in office, so make sure they are happy and comfortable there.

Though you may already have an office space, you could also consider changing your layout according to your vision. For example, many offices these days choose not to have a cabin for senior management. Others choose to do away with the traditional cubicle design. By sharing your company’s vision with a workspace branding agency like The Spaceship Design Pune, you can find the ideal office layout for your company.

Then of course you need to work out how often and where exactly your company logo needs to be placed. While it needs to be prominent, it shouldn’t be overbearing. Based on the logo you can choose the colour scheme of your office. What you must keep in mind though is that not all colours look good in a large space for long periods of time. Your logo may look very smart but using the same colours on the wall may not be a wise idea. A space branding agency like The Spaceship Design Pune will be able to suggest variations that will still convey your message without making your employees feel uncomfortable.

As you can see thoughtfully branding your corporate space can have a positive impact on your business. Changing layout and colour schemes is just the tip of the ice-berg, and without thought it is just re-decorating. But for effective corporate space branding you need a strategy that will encourage behaviour that is consistent with your brand and its values. The Spaceship Design Pune is an experienced corporate space branding agency that will help brand your space effectively.

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