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It’s amazing to see how much of a positive impact a tiny piece of paper can have on your business. In this world of digital saturation, offline media comes as a breath of fresh air. A simple brochure can take your business a long way and we at The Spaceship Design Pune will show you how. The Spaceship Design Pune provides brochure designing services for businesses across sectors and industries.

Are Brochures Still Relevant?

When was the last time you looked at a brochure? You may have received some with your morning paper or with a package you ordered. Maybe you saw some at the airport or even at a café. If you think about it, we come across brochures quite often in our daily lives, and we remember most of them. Our ability to recall details of a brochure is what makes them relevant today.

How Do Brochures Impact the Audience?

So, what gives brochures their high recall value? The Spaceship Design Pune, attempts to break it down for you.

  1. Targeted Marketing: A brochure is the easiest way to reach exactly the people you want to. While you can target specific audiences online as well, there is a large possibility that your advertisement will be ignored or buried in the crowd of digital ads. A brochure in comparison can be placed directly in people’s homes or even in your office. And for someone to ignore it, they will need to at least glance at it.
  2. Longevity: A television commercial probably lasts 30seconds at the most, an online display ad will appear only for the duration the user stays on a particular page, a hoarding is usually seen only when you travel past it, but a brochure does not have a time limit. It can be kept by the customer for as long as they like. They can refer back to it whenever they feel like. Brochures remind customers of your brand and the products or services you provide. In this way a brochure impacts the audience with its longevity.
  3. Explanatory: A brochure is not just a medium that lasts long. It also gives you the time and space to explain your business to your customer. With a brochure you are not limited by duration, space or word count. With professional brochure designers like The Spaceship Design Pune, you get to customize exactly how you want to explain your products and services to your customer.

Why Designing a Brochure Makes Good Business Sense

Brochures are one of the most cost-effective platforms for branding. They work as a boon for SMEs and start-ups. That is not to say that big corporations don’t use them too. A well-designed brochure will be eye-catching enough to create an interest which can later turn into a conversion. Brochures can also be bought in bulk, reducing their cost drastically. When you have an effective distribution strategy in mind you can change your company’s visibility prospects. And they also work well at trade shows and exhibitions.

Types of Brochures

By now it should be quite evident how useful a well-designed brochure is for any brand. But where does one begin? Here’s some information from The Spaceship Design Pune which may make your brochure designing process slightly easier.

Brochures come in various shapes and sizes. We’ll explain a few of the popular ones along with their usage.

  1. The Gate/Window Fold Brochure: This kind of brochure has two thinner outer panels that fold towards a middle larger panel. The large centre panel works well if you have to display beautiful high-end visuals. This brochure works best when printed on premium quality paper.
  2. Bi-fold /Half Fold Brochure: This design simply requires a single sheet to be folded into half, creating four surfaces to present all your information. This brochure can be used to display the highlights of your service or product.
  3. Tri-fold Brochure: The tri-fold brochure gives you six panels to present your information on. These usually come in a convenient size that makes them the preferable option at trade shows and marketing events. Each panel may be of a different width depending on the paper quality etc.
  4. The Z-Fold Brochure: Here too you have six surfaces to play with. However, each panel is exactly the same width. The folds open in the opposite direction to each other, appearing like the alphabet ‘Z’. The Z-fold brochure is a popular choice as each panel can be used to explain different aspects of your brand.
  5. Pamphlets: Often used as synonymous with brochures, the term pamphlet actually refers to a single-page brochure. This can also be called a flyer. These are usually produced in bulk at a low cost. They are designed to target a large number of people.

There are many more ways to fold and classify brochures. An expert brochure designing company like The Spaceship Design Pune will be able to guide you in selecting the perfect brochure style for your business needs. As important as the design is, one must also remember to have well-written content. At the end of the day your brochure should convey its message clearly and concisely without being overly informative or cluttered. Brochure designing need not be complicated at all. Just ask the right people, like brochure design company The Spaceship Design Pune.

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