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Why You Need an Advertising Agency to Grow Your Business

Why You Need an Advertising Agency to Grow Your Business

Importance of Advertising Agencies for your Business Growth

All businesses understand the importance of advertising. Yet most tend to underestimate the effort it takes. Businesses often think they can handle all their marketing with an in-house communication team (who may or may not be equipped to handle the job). This is seen as an effective cost-cutting measure. What businesses don’t realize is that this simple cost-cutting measure could actually cost you your entire business! In this article, we at The Spaceship Design explain why businesses need to outsource their marketing and advertising efforts to an agency in order to grow.

  1. A Team of Professionals: An advertising agency is essentially a pro-team. You have access to writers, designers, creative directors, digital marketing experts, web developers and so on, all under one roof. This makes your work more streamlined. In the long run it is also more cost-effective, as you usually pay the agency an overall cost.
  2. A Creative Team of Professionals: These teams of professionals are not just experts at their jobs, they are also constantly growing. Being in an agency environment exposes them to work across various industries and sectors. It gives them multiple challenges on a daily basis. An in-house team on the other hand, only has to deal with one brand. Therefore they may not be able to give as unique perspectives as those in an agency.
  3. Access to a Larger Network: Advertising execution requires access to a larger network of people, especially when it comes to buying media. Newspapers, magazines, hoarding advertisements etc. all need to be approached in advance and booked for the days you wish to run your campaign. An agency regularly works with these people and can get you the best deals at the earliest.
  4. New Ways to Approach Situations: Hiring an agency gives you a fresh perspective on your business. When you are immersed in your business on a daily basis, you may miss the larger picture. An agency can give you an outsider’s perspective, much like the way your customers perceive you. This in-turn helps your business grow.
  5. Consistency: Your in-house communications team may be able to deliver one or two great campaigns, but do they have the wherewithal to support these campaigns in the long run? An agency will be able to. Advertising is not just about one-off ideas. Advertising is a strategically planned approach. If there is a great idea, where will it be displayed? How will the word spread? How will you keep the buzz going even after your campaign is over? Answers to these questions can be found in a marketing strategy, something agencies excel at creating.
  6. Choose your Level of Involvement: Agencies are professionals. They don’t need to be hand-held through your advertising process. All you need to do is give them a brief and a deadline and then sit back till they deliver. But you can get more involved if you wish to. And that is the beauty of hiring an agency. You get to choose how involved you wish to be.
  7. Insights: Working day in and day out with marketing collaterals gives agencies insights into what works and what doesn’t. Agencies have a better understanding of how to effectively optimize the marketing collaterals being used. An in-house team on the other hand, may not be able to grasp the nuances of the marketing efforts.
  8. Constant Analysis: An agency doesn’t just deliver results; it analyses and monitors them as well. Based on the analysis your brands marketing strategies are re-calibrated for better results. An agency will be able to understand the changes that need to be made based on the results of the campaign.
  9. Branding: Branding goes beyond basic advertising campaigns. Branding is what your customers associate with your brand, irrespective of the campaign being run. To implement successful branding, you need a full-service advertising agency. Branding can be implemented through every single collateral or creative you make. Logos, packaging, stationary design, full-fledged video campaigns, digital collaterals etc. all convey branding.

As you can see an advertising agency behaves like a one-stop shop with regard to your marketing efforts. A full service advertising agency such as The Spaceship Design will help you every step of the way, right from the budget you need to allocate to the final conversions you get. In short, just like an agency can’t do your job, don’t expect outstanding results when you do an agencies job.

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