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In this day and age, you just cannot the term – Social Media, especially when it comes to marketing. The two always seem to go hand-in-hand.

The purpose of Social Media is to build a brand and increase its visibility, by building relationships and communicating with potential customers.

Traditional Marketing with its different platforms has comparatively become limited when it comes to Social Media.

Today, traditional marketing platforms have become limited in comparison to Social Media.

Due to continuous developments on Internet platforms, there are several Media and Social Networking sites coming up every day!

Here are some of the most Popular Social Media Platforms with a very high potential for Marketing :

1. Facebook– Arguably one of the Top Social Media Platforms on the radar. If your business isn’t on Facebook, it’s nowhere to be found.
2. Twitter – This one is perfect when your product or brand needs engagement. Twitter will make sure you get followers and these followers are constantly connected to your brand.
3. LinkedIn – LinkedIn works on more of a professional basis. This platform will bring your brand in sight of the Professional world.
4. Instagram – This Social Media Platform basically focusses on Graphical ways you can showcase your Company/Brand. This is again another platform for boosting Engagement and Generating Leads.
5. Snapchat – Snapchat is still a new medium when it comes to Advertising as the main target group (TG) of Snapchat users is the GenZ which is why it is not preferred as an advertising medium even though it has a huge audience.
6. Youtube – Youtube can help you out with either display ads or maybe you could advertise your product by posting video representation of the same.
7. Pinterest – Pinterest is a Search Engine but for Images only. Here the audience is basically looking for creative, out-of-the-box ideas for various things. You can still add a link to any of your posts to increase traffic to your website.

Conclusion : Digital Marketing or more so Social Media Marketing is no longer an option but now a necessary medium for Marketing.

– Shambhavi Kuber.

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