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Why Is Creativity so crucial to Advertising?

Why Is Creativity so crucial to Advertising?

Why Is Creativity Important In Advertising?

Remember the girl who ran onto the cricket pitch in the Cadbury advertisement? Or the Zu Zu campaign by Vodafone or more recently the Google Reunion campaign? If any of these strikes a bell with you even today, you’ve experienced creativity in advertising. And the fact that you still remember these ads years later goes to show the importance of creativity. If you argue that these are all television commercials, and advertising today has entered a whole new spectrum, you’re absolutely right. So, why is creativity in advertising still important in advertising? We at The Spaceship Design break it down for you.

What is Creativity? Is it being able to draw? Is it being musically inclined? Or is it being intellectual? The truth is it’s none of these. Yes, artists, musicians and intellectuals may be creative but that doesn’t mean that other people aren’t. In fact if you observe children, you’ll notice that every child displays creativity in some form or the other. Unfortunately as we grow older we are made to believe that only certain professions are ‘creative’. Truth be told, creativity is just a way of looking at things differently and creating something new and useful from it. Creativity can be displayed in any field, be it accounting, medicine, law or even media.

What is Creativity in Advertising? However, we are not here to discuss creativity as a whole. We’re here to discuss creativity in advertising. Advertising is a way for brands to communicate to their target audiences. So, why does anybody need to be creative in this field? As with most other things in life, it all boils down to money. Other professionals may get away even if they aren’t creative, but in advertising a brand specifically invests in the agency’s creativity. And they want results. If an agency does not perform creatively, the brand’s message will get lost in the crowd and with it, the brands business. Let’s see in detail why creativity is required in advertising.

Why Creativity is required in Advertising?

The advertising landscape has drastically changed over the last few years due to the advent of digital technology. This has made it easier and cheaper for brands to reach out to their potential clients, but it also has a flip side. The flip side is that the customers now have the option of avoiding advertisements in various ways. Therefore, advertising today is more competitive than ever before. Creativity helps the brand in following ways:

Brand Recall: From the morning paper to your social media feed, everything is filled with advertisements. The challenge for agencies today is to not only get the customers attention but to also make sure they remember the brand name and it’s messaging correctly. The only way to do this is to stand out of the crowd. And that can be achieved by creative advertising.

Brand Effectiveness: With attention spans decreasing and the current competition, a brand gets only a couple of seconds to be effective. Being effective means that not only did the customer pay attention to the ad and remembered the brand; s/he also converted (into a sale, sign-up etc.). And to achieve conversions & ROIs you need a creative advertising campaign.

Brand Loyalty: Colgate with its ‘suraksha chakra’, Amul claiming to be the ‘Taste of India’, even Apple, Microsoft, Dell or Gillette are all brands that have created a sense of trust with their customers. Indians especially are known to base a large part of their purchase decisions on trust. Creative advertisements that strike a chord with their customers are one of the biggest factors that influence brand loyalty. In fact there is also a notion that suggests that people may assume a product’s quality just by the effort that appears to have gone into making the advertisement.

Cost Reduction: It may sound contrary but investing in creative advertising can actually reduce your marketing costs. This is because customers today can share your advertisement with other people. So, investing in a creative, compelling advertisement will encourage people to share it with their family and friends. This is how brands go viral. The moment someone likes your advertisement, they become a free walking-talking ambassador of your product.

As you can see, the main commodity a digital, marketing agency such as The Spaceship Design provides is Creativity. It is what differentiates a good agency from an average one.  The challenges of today’s markets are very real, but a creative agency will be able to overcome them and build your brand value.

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