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Email Marketing Is Still Relevant

Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant in 2019?

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in 2019?

You may not use email on a regular basis. You may prefer to use whatsapp, snapchat, facebook, slack or any other social platform. And you may believe that email isn’t even relevant anymore. But you can’t deny the fact that if you’re using the internet, you probably still have an email address. We at The Spaceship Design look at the factors that keep email marketing relevant in 2019. 

Two major factors that keep email popular are the fact that people have a certain comfort level with it and that it is still considered authentic.

  1. Familiarity: Email has been around for the last 40 odd years, and for most it is their introduction to the World Wide Web. People are comfortable using it no matter what service provider they use. And this sense of familiarity is felt across generations.
  2. Privacy & Proof: Emails have become a quick, private way to communicate with people. It also works as a record of proof. Other platforms maybe more conversational, but with them you run the risk of your conversation being buried too deep. This is why most companies, no matter what collaboration software they use, will also use email.

But are these enough to keep email marketing relevant in 2019? Though there are a number of ways to boost your digital marketing efforts, email does have a few advantages over the others.  

  1. People Still Check their Email: Whether a person chooses to open your email, delete it, forward it or do anything else with it, the fact remains that most of us will do something with it. Unlike other platforms which users may choose to ignore, most will engage with email. And businesses need to use this to their advantage in 2019 and beyond.
  2. People check their Email in Real-time: With most people checking their emails on their mobile phones, brands can now reach their audiences sooner. Studies have shown, that irrespective of all the other notifications one might get on their phone, emails are usually opened.
  3. You’ve Already Got your Customers Attention: Chances are, if you have somebody’s email id, that person has voluntarily given it to you. This means they have already shown interest in your brand. Now all you have to do is maintain and increase that level of interest without being overbearing.
  4. Email Marketing is Highly Affordable: Even with email service providers who help you send an email to a large number of customers your per email cost is almost nominal. Given the number of people you can reach through this platform and the ability to measure results, the conversion rate of email marketing is extremely high.
  5. Email Marketing is Highly Measurable: Another advantage that email has over other forms of digital marketing is its measurability. Once you’ve sent an email, you can track how many people opened it and what they chose to do with it, whether they signed up, unsubscribed and so on and so forth.
  6. Email Marketing is Highly Targeted: This is another great advantage of email marketing that contributes to its popularity. Emails can be customized for a particular set of people. For example the message you send to a potential customer will be far different from a message you send to an older client. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, emails allow you to easily segment your audience and streamline your conversions.
  7. Emails are Timely and Current: As mentioned above email is checked in real-time. This is a huge advantage to brands as they can cash in on current events such as holidays, social media trends, customer birthdays and so on and so forth. Being timely allows brands to create a sense of urgency that drives sales. For example emailing customers about an end-of season sale will make them rush towards it.

Clearly email marketing is a great tool to use in 2019. However, as with any other tool, there are chances of misusing it. Knowing how often to email your customers and what to email them are key to retaining your subscriber base. There are no correct answers when it comes to this, as it will differ for each business. A digital marketing agency like The Spaceship Design, Pune will be able to guide you through your email marketing campaigns.

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