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Who is Your Brand? And why you should establish a Brand Personality?

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to have a meal with your brand? Would your brand be friendly & warm or sophisticated & reserved? Would your brand be dressed casually or formally? Would s/he be able to carry on a good conversation or not? Before you think we at The Spaceship Design, Pune have gone completely crazy; we just want to clarify that we are trying to establish your brand’s personality. Read further so we can prove our sanity.

What is Brand Personality?

The term personality can be loosely defined as a combination of characteristics that make a person who they are. We usually associate personality with human beings. When thinking of brand personality, we try and apply those human characteristics to our brand.

Brand personality is how your brand comes across to your audience. It is an overall impression of what people think of you. Brand personality does not necessarily have to reflect your personality or that of any of your co-workers. You can make your brand personality whatever you want it to be. However, it needs to be well-defined.

Why is Brand Personality Important?

Imagine you have a choice between two products that are similarly priced and offer almost the same features. Which one do you choose? Of course there are many factors you may consider while taking this decision. However, one such factor is your perception of the brand. You may choose a product because the brand comes across as reliable. Or you may reject a product because you feel it’s not meant for people of your age. Essentially, you are using the brand’s personality to make a purchase decision. And this is what customers do all the time!

Doesn’t Brand Personality Come Across Naturally?

Perhaps by now, we’ve proven that brand personality is important. The question is why we need to define it. Some of us have been loyal to certain brands all our lives. Our families used those brands, and so do we. In all probability our children will use them as well. Certainly these brands were not defining their personality’s decades ago, right?

Well, it’s both right & wrong. Successful brands of the past do have personality characteristics we identify with, even if we don’t realise it. They may not have started by developing them, but they have grown naturally over the years. Unfortunately, we no longer live in such a simple world.

Today any one brand has to compete with hundreds & thousands of other brands. Apart from a highly competitive market, customers now have access to more forms of advertising than ever before. In such a scenario, it is naïve to believe that one’s brand personality will stand out without dedicated effort.

For your information, even the brands mentioned above; who have crossed generations, now actively work on reinforcing their personality.

How Exactly Does a Brand’s Personality Come Across?

The short answer is a brands personality should come across at every interaction with a customer. This may sound overwhelming, but it really isn’t. Brands interact with customers in a number of ways be it through advertising, customer service etc.

One of the first aspects a brand should look at is its visual identity. Whether it is the logo, font or colours used, a customer should be able to spot your brand from a mile away. Even if you sell a service as opposed to a product, every item of marketing material should visually reflect your brands personality.

The next characteristic is the brand’s voice. By defining this, you clarify the way you communicate verbally. Customers begin knowing what to expect from a brand. Take the McDonald’s tagline for example; ‘I’m lovin it’. Now imagine Mercedes Benz using this tagline. Do you think Mercedes would continue to be the elite, sophisticated brand that it is? When it comes to brand personality, it is not just what you say that is important but also how you say it.

Another way to bring across a brand’s personality is through its actions. These actions can be both at the organizational and an individual level. For example, would a health brand sponsor a music concert? Or would an employee of an approachable company be rude to a customer? When things like these happen, they create inconsistencies in the mind of the customer.  

It is precisely these inconsistencies that brands need to avoid. To do that brands sometimes require external help from digital marketing agencies. Even when choosing a marketing agency, brands need to find one that will be able effectively convey their personality to their customers.  

All-in-all the main thing a brand needs to do is to convey its personality authentically. So once again, we at The Spaceship Design ask you; would you have a meal with your brand?

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