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We’re On the Same Team: An Insight into Client-Agency Relationships

As deadlines get closer and demands begin to increase it is common to hear complaints within the advertising industry, pertaining to both the client and the agency. And while pressure tends to bring out the best or worst of both, perhaps it is the basic approach one begins with that needs to be studied.

The Spaceship Design is an advertising agency. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. We felt that one way to do this is was by putting our thoughts forward, in the hope that every potential & existing client of ours understands us better. To do this we decided to speak to our client-servicing team. So let’s dive right into our insights on client-agency relationships.

Client Servicing: The Job Role

Client servicing is an all-encompassing job role, with communication skills at its core. A client servicing executive needs to constantly maintain the delicate balance between the agency and the client. The executive also needs to effectively communicate and bridge the two entities. When asked what they enjoyed the most about their jobs, this is what one of our team members had to say.

“Working on an account makes you feel like you are working for your own business and this could be in any sector. In this role you constantly meet new people and learn about every aspect of advertising, at least theoretically. ” – Kuldeep Singh, Brand Communication Manager at The Spaceship Design

When asked what they didn’t enjoy about their work, Sinead Ignatius, Client Relationship Manager at The Spaceship Design said “Sometimes you feel like a ball getting tossed from one court to another. But you have to maintain the peace between both sides. It becomes quite challenging.”

Client Servicing: Personal Growth

Every job has its positives and negatives. For those in the field, it is important to prioritize their takeaway from the job. What is it that makes them continue despite the negatives? Our team unanimously agreed that they enjoy strategizing for their brands. This ideal is what keeps them going, but unfortunately their day-to-day tasks sometimes get the better of them.

Client-Agency Relationship: We’re on the Same Team

When asked how this could change, our astronauts presented two perspectives. The first was to do with the way a client usually approaches this working relationship. With the exception of a few, most clients begin the relationship as that of an employer & employee rather than that of partners. Marketing and advertising is the extension of a brand and helps with its expansion. Both clients & agencies have the same intentions. When either side fails to recognize and act on this the collaboration itself is at risk.

As Kuldeep Singh, our brand communication manager rightly said “Clients & agencies need to treat each other like an extended arm. Not as a separate entity.”

Sinead Ignatius says, “The clients I enjoy working with the most are those who understand that appreciation goes a long way and thank us, even for the tiniest job.”

The second perspective was to do with a breakdown in communication. This is a two-way street. From the clients end there needs to be clarity in thought. The agency also needs to work at helping clients achieve this clarity. When clarity is lacking it leads to chaos and tremendous amount of time being wasted over minute details. This in turn affects deadlines. Constant and clear communication at every step from both parties will free up time to focus on the big picture.

Client-Agency Relationship: Moving Forward

From billboards to mobile screens, technological advancements are constantly bringing brands closer to their customers. To keep up with this rapid change, both the client and the agency need to up their game and adapt to these changes. We both need to be a step ahead of our competitors, and this can only be achieved with good planning and clear communication.

The client-agency relationship will only prosper when both parties come together as equal partners. And we at The Spaceship Design believe that this has now become a necessity in the advertising world. So here’s hoping that this is a start to an evolved partnership between us and our clients! Do share your thoughts with us.

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