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Website Design and Development Best Practices for 2019

Website Design and Development Best Practices and New Trends for 2019

2019 has barely started and we can already see Web design and development becoming a lot more user oriented and instinctual every day and developers of every company are using new and engaging technology are being made to construct vigorous web solutions. Today we shall discuss about the various trends of website design and development that are best for your business in 2019.

User experience is the term coined by Dan Norman. It is defined as a process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction. It is one of the most important aspects of web design and development. The designers are balancing between the visual aesthetics and user functionality. The website or mobile apps flow should be very flawless and absolute. For example- when a customer is browsing through an online shopping website then everything, from the price, to the desired product and even applying of the couple code and check out should all be an uninterrupted smooth process so that the user doesn’t face any kind of glitch. If the customer faces any kind of obstacle on the ecommerce page in this process then he or she is likely to have a bad experience and shall never want to return to the website.

Every web solution that is being developed is to cater to a specific need of the user. While creating and designing these websites the designer and developer should take the customers problems and mindset in consideration so that they can produce a simple and intuitive solution.

Focus on mobile

These days people barely want to open the laptops flap as most of the job can easily be done in a pocket-sized device known as the Mobile phone. It helps you to connect to the world in one touch. According to research, the number of internet users on mobile is way more than the number of people who use internet on a laptop. This brings us to the point that most of the time users like to open the webpage on their mobile phones. The designer should create a mobile friendly webpage that looks attractive even on a small screen. Designers are advised to stick to Responsive web development.


The engagement of Chatbots are likely to take a hike in 2019. It is one of the fastest growing Web Development trend. Their purpose is to serve the users as customer care, search and other client interaction services. Chatbots are constructed in a way to optimize your shopping experience by allowing product recommendations, reviews, personalized ads and videos to boost sales as well.

Faster loading speed

In today’s fast life, nobody likes to waste even a second of their time even if they aren’t doing anything. Your website should be able to load in seconds because the longer you make the user wait, the more are the chances of them to quit your page.

Single page websites

Single page websites are the latest trend that is being followed by web developers. Search engines favor single page websites more than heavily loaded multiple page websites as they are easily optimized for mobile devices. Another important reason why single page websites are trending is because updating is no longer a hassle and it also cuts down on distraction.


Focus on the design of your webpage. Follow a particular theme and tone. It can be grids, vibrant colors or even minimalistic. Update your website on big occasions like festivals and end of seasons, but make sure you stick to the theme. Add new elements but make sure you don’t completely change the roots of your webpage.
So these were the few best practices that you can implement on your websites for a better result. In 2019 competition is likely to increase and things are about to get heated up due to the ever increasing number of ecommerce brands. Make sure you are up-to-date, only then can you run in the race.

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