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The Role of a 360 Degree Advertising Agency

These days, it is common for brands who want to promote themselves to approach a 360 degree advertising agency. The number 360 is used to signify completeness or an overall approach, taking all angles into consideration. These agencies are equipped to handle communication across any media platform. Approaching them also ensures uniformity in the message that is to be communicated.

However, 360 degree advertising does not necessarily mean using all communication media available. Many a time, budgets are a constraint or there may not be a need for each medium. For example, a restaurant targeting the local community may not need an advertisement in a national newspaper. The aim of a 360 degree communication is to ensure that the brand connects with the target audience in the most effective way possible. These are some of the roles a 360 degree advertising agency fulfills:

1.Understanding You: Your brand is the agencies client. They need to understand your company – what it stands for and what it wants to convey to its market. Only when there is clarity on this, will any communication be effective.

2.Understanding Your Market: In order to communicate effectively, the agency must understand who it is speaking to and what needs are to be addressed. Some do this by studying already existing data while others get actual feedback from their customers. Both methods can be equally effective. The market research also helps the agency understand what your competitors are doing.

3.Strategy & Planning: Once the research is done, the advertising agency is in a position to create a marketing plan. They need to tell you what they plan to do, how they will do it and why it should be done. Even if you began with the answers to these questions, it is important that the agency truly understands brand before they begin work. Strategizing helps everyone involved get a clearer picture of the objectives they need to achieve.

4.Creative Execution: This is the main reason you have chosen to work with the agency – their creative output. The creative team will make a campaign for your brand based on their strategy. It involves a number of people with different skill sets. There are graphic artists who will design the look and feel of the creative. Then there are copywriters who add the words to convey the message. Depending on which medium you are using, there are other skills involved as well. However, all of it is usually overseen by one person such as a creative director. When all these functions come together, your campaign is ready.

5.Media Buying: Once the message is ready to be communicated, the agency now starts buying the actual media space. Be it newspaper ads, billboard hoardings, radio spots, magazine adverts etc. The media buying team maintains relationships with various media channels. They also suggest appropriate venues where the message could reach the intended targeted audience most effectively. They plan how long your advertisement needs to be seen and where.

Finally, the message is communicated. A 360 degree ad agency like The Spaceship Design, located in Pune, helps you save yourself time and money in the long run. They are specialists who work on promoting your brand, letting you focus on your business. They also bring in a new perspective, which you may not have realized before. At the end of the day, working with a 360 degree advertising agency helps give your brand solutions and make it grow.

-Written by Shama Lahiri

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