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Mobile Marketing – A Prescription to Success!

If you forgot to carry your cell phone one day, would you survive without it or would you go back to get it, even if you’re in a rush? A majority of us might choose the latter. Without realising it, our smartphones have become extensions of ourselves.

Most businesses understand the importance of digital marketing. However, being active across social media platforms or having your own website, doesn’t specifically utilize smartphones to their full capacity. Studies show that smartphones are the most popular device used to access the internet. Their share has grown more than 50%, as compared to desktops, laptops and tablets collectively. A glance at any analytics report would reveal the same story.
It’s clear that the mobile user experience cannot be ignored. So here are a few ways you can use Mobile Marketing as a Platform for your Product/Service.

You must know the Types of Mobile Marketing strategies before moving ahead:

• In-Game Marketing
• QR codes
• Location Based Services
• Image Ads
• Search Ads
• App based marketing.

You can choose from any of these methods according to your business needs. Ad formats, styles and customization vary as per different websites, businesses, social media platforms, etc. and that is why, each Mobile Marketing campaign is unique.

Once you study and select your preferred marketing platforms, there are a few important pointers for any mobile marketing campaign:

Content is key: At the end of the day, people only buy products or services that they are convinced about. Telling your story well is the key to this. It is also important to maintain a balance between informing and being intrusive.
A feeling of community: Offers, discounts to loyal customers, gift coupons, product information etc., are just a few ways to make your customers, family.
User Experience: Offers and discounts increase brand loyalty, only if customers enjoy the experience of buying. This begins right from the time they get curious about the scheme. So, whether its details of where and how to buy or it’s a simple button they have to click on, everything needs to be user-friendly.
Feedback: Users need a space to voice their opinion. This not only makes them feel appreciated, it also helps you track their needs and give them more targeted content at a later stage.
Analysing leads to Growth: A campaign is most useful when you learn from it. It is thus very important to classify and analyze your activities when your campaign is over. Adjust, AppsFlyer, App Annie and Kochava are a few tools you can use to help check the metrics of your campaign activities.

We at The Spaceship Design, Pune work with multiple clients on their Mobile Marketing campaigns. We do each campaign differently and every time we learn something new. It’s important for us to be up-to-date about the latest advancements in mobile technology. If your business needs to profit from these tiny screens, ask us                  – We’ll help you out.

-Written by Nitin Rudrangi
-Edited by Shama Lahiri

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