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Importance of Video in Your Website

Benefits of Adding Video in Your Website

Websites are meant to attract a customer by the means of interactive and engaging content. While surfing a website people generally tend to scroll and ignore the static content. Now a days videos have become the in thing. People spend hours watching videos on YouTube, etc. Why do people do so?? Its simple videos are interactive and engaging by all means. Most of the companies are now a days shifting to more and more interactive mediums and making their websites engaging by including visual content. In today’s world everyone needs to follow the trend and the current trend is Video content.

Video content allows increase the awareness among customers and enhances brand recall too. The latest statistics show that the number of people, who watch videos, has taken a giant leap throughout the world. More and more people are hooked to YouTube and different other social media platforms to enjoy different videos.

Videos are a best medium of interaction:

Photos can capture the precious & important moments but it is unable to capture the movements of objects or people. A video is worth numerous photos and is extremely intriguing and attractive. Sounds are also an attractive element which the photos miss out on. The narrative in a video keeps the person watching it hooked to the screen and in turn helps increase the brand awareness.

Videos create a nice experience:

If you visit and find a website that’s plain with lots of static text and no engaging or interesting content, what will you do? The obvious answer is that you will surf and navigate to some other website that is more interactive and informative and which reduces your effort of reading each and every line. This is the impact videos have, they create a nice experience for the person visiting the website and has a long lasting impression in his mind about the website & the brand.

Helps the marketing strategies:

Social media is a medium where the videos can be easily shared and they increase the traffic to your content and helps in a big way in promotional and marketing strategies. Online sales is also enhanced and improved due to the video content, it helps in converting visitors to customers and help company increase the revenue. Everyone knows that the biggest search engine in the world is Google and the second biggest search engine in the world “YouTube” is also owned by them.

As Google has started displaying video links in the search result it has increased visibility of the video content on the websites, this in turn increases the visitors on your website and ultimately helps in converting them into customers and so it is great in enhancing the SEO. Also this helps SEO in another way too with the customer staying on the website for a longer time. Making a successful Video SEO Strategy is about attracting visitors with your video and making them stay on your website, and converting them into your regular visitors. It’s important to know what to keep in mind if you want your video content to drive more search traffic to your website.

Customer retention:

If your company website is interactive and engaging the visitors can be converted to customers but one time customers don’t help any company grow, retaining those customers and also retention of current customers can be done through attractive and emotionally connecting videos which help in a big way.

Videos are extremely essential for any website now as it has become the driving force for getting the traffic on the website. Now-a-days it is much easier to make a video with the evolution of technology as compared to a few years back when making a video would take months. A website without videos is like a movie without a script or a human being without a soul. Videos can be considered to be a growing factor for any company as it helps increase sales, customer loyalty, brand awareness, customer retention, engagement and a memorable experience, so you should always have videos on your website.

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