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How to Develop Content for Your Mobile Audience

How to Develop Content for Your Mobile Audience

Great Ways To Develop Mobile Friendly Content

It’s no secret that audiences have started using their mobile phones to access content now more than ever. Think about it. Are you reading this on a laptop or are you seeing it on your phone? Everybody these days provides mobile-friendly content. Mobile-viewing is an experience that occurs in the midst of many distractions. The challenge today is to create engagement despite these distractions. We at The Spaceship Design explore how content creators can overcome these challenges while catering to a mobile audience.

  1. Present your Content in bite-sized chunks: Today’s audiences do not want to read verbose articles. Moreover you screen size doesn’t allow for it either. Content needs to be structured specifically for mobile screens in order to be effective. Here are some ways you can restructure your content.
    1. Craft Crisp Headlines: Headlines need to hook your audience at first glance. They need to create curiosity and interest in your article. If they are long and complicated, you may lose your audience. Headlines need to be short and impactful. In just a few words the message needs to be conveyed.
    2. Keep It Simple Stupid! : The KISS content strategy has been around for years but its significance is being felt more than ever today. In the mobile world users constantly need to scroll to read content. Therefore it makes sense to present them with only one thought at a time.
    3. Highlight Relevant Points: Using sub-headlines and bullet points highlight the most important parts of your content. As mentioned above, a mobile user is distracted. Also they tend to scroll pages much faster than desktop users. There is therefore a greater chance of them missing your content. Highlighting your relevant points helps your user understand the gist of your content without having to read the details.
  2. Focus on your Visual Presentation: Content needs to look good. As contrary as this may sound, it is a fact. But how can one make a few words look pretty? There are actually many ways to do this. Let’s take a look at a few:
    1. Use Negative Space to your Advantage: Negative space refers to blank spaces on your page. Some people feel that blank space indicates a lack of information. This cannot be further from the truth. Negative space allows users to read content more easily, be it spacing between paragraphs or around an image. Not just that it makes it easier for search engines to crawl your website as well.
    2. Beautify your Text: Whether it means using a different font or using a different colour, what you write needs to be highly readable. Mobiles are used in different settings and lighting and your content needs to stand out no matter what the circumstances.
    3. Add Visuals: A picture says a thousand words and this holds especially true on your smart device. Consumers don’t have the time or inclination to read the details. If there is the option of displaying the same information visually, use it. However, be careful not to overdo it. Your images need to be relevant to the content written. Also too many images can make your site slow to load.
  3. Use Videos: The internet is overflowing with videos and for good reason. Videos have captured the attention of netizens like nothing before. Mobile-friendly content should include videos as well, though they need to be optimized and easy to load.
  4. Make your Content Shareable: Mobile-friendly content needs to be sharable across platforms. A user seeing something on Facebook may want to share it with friends over whatsapp. As a brand, you need to cash-in on this opportunity. Make your content easy to share.

Whether your audience is viewing your content while watching a movie, commuting or while waiting in line at a supermarket, these few tips by The Spaceship Design, will help you get started on engaging with your mobile audiences.

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