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How to Create Engaging Website Content

How to Create Engaging Website Content

6 Secrets to Creating Engaging Content

Cyber space today is inundated with information. Whilst this is a good thing for those seeking answers, it is not a good situation for brands who are trying to reach their target audiences.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand apart and attract their customer’s attention.

We at The Spaceship Design give you a few tips on creating engaging website content that will help your brand grab the attention of today’s netizens.

Don’t Limit Your Approach:

Most likely your website is made up of a majority of text along with a few images. This may have been enough to stand-out-of-the crowd two decades ago, but not anymore.

Today’s consumers are used to seeing content through videos, visuals, info-graphics, advertisements, animations, gifs etc. So give them the same information in bite –sized, interesting packages.

Train Your Voice:

It’s not just enough to have your information presented in different ways. The content you write must match the tone of your visuals and be lively and engaging.

What does that entail? Well, to begin with keep it simple; use short sentences and straightforward words.

Your customer wants to know what your product is and how s/he can use it. Even if you want to explain it in detail, do not use unnecessary, elaborate adjectives.

Next, keep an eye on your tone. You don’t know who will be visiting your website; you need to maintain a fine balance, appealing to both experts in your field and the layman (a potential new customer).

Create a Story:

No. You don’t need a story about goblins and leprechauns. You need to tell your story. But in a way that makes the reader empathize with you.

So what are we talking about here? Your website needs to show your customers how you can solve their problems. It also needs to explain to them how you differ from your competitors.

Guide your customers towards your product/services by making them feel involved in your story.

Communicate the Same Message Everywhere:

It’s not just what you say that matters, its how you say it as well. The website of a corporate company will be very different from that of a creative agency.

This is because a corporate may want to communicate a certain level of seriousness and business-like attitude, while a creative agency may want to appear a little more flexible and relaxed. Your brand goals will determine how you say every detail on the website.

Add Value to Your Customers Experience:

So, you’ve got your customer to visit your website. Your content is engaging and the tone is consistent. Your customer is so impressed that s/he even buys your product. Congratulations. But now what?

It will be a while till your customer needs a replacement. So how do you keep your customers engaged post a purchase?

The answer; by adding value to their browsing experience. This can be done by sharing content that is useful.

You could write blogs, present webinars or even share podcasts that relate to your product, industry, vision etc. Give your customers content that is relevant to them and you will be on your way to building a database of loyalty.

Plan your Content:

A great website is not one that gives all the information in a well-written format. A great website is one that has a content strategy behind it.

It will present information in a way that a reader sees the most relevant details. Even if it doesn’t have all the details about a product, it will give you the details that will help convert curiosity into a purchase.

The look, feel and placement of your content also make a huge difference. It goes without saying that fonts must be readable. But your website also needs to be visually balanced. Intelligent use of spacing and highlights can help achieve this.

As you can see engaging website content is not just about writing everything down well. It takes a whole lot more.

Overall, the content should be visually pleasing and leave the reader with a feeling of wanting to make a positive change in their lives with your product.

Content writing and content strategy is a skill is constantly developed, and we at The Spaceship Design have an entire team on it. So, are you ready to make your content stand apart in cyber space?

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