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Do's and Don'ts for Facebook

Facebook Do’s And Don’ts

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Facebooking.

Almost 1.23 billion people use Facebook daily. It is one of the oldest and the most widely used social media platform. The audience availability on Facebook is one of the major reasons why it is also an inexpensive and effective medium to connect with people around you. One can also use his audience for various purposes including promotion of blogs and even selling goods online. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you could refer to in order to avoid any blunder that can have a negative impact on your Facebook profile.

Facebook Do’s

Do use one particular logo and cover picture for your profile so that your brand gets easily recognizable by the audience. If you keep changing it, your audience is likely to get confused.

Do decide on a tone for your posts that is similar to the one in your website. Follow one particular tone for both so that a prominent vibe is created. Depending on your business type, choose a type of vibe you want your posts to give out- formal, informal, easy-going, to the point etc.

Do highlight your Facebook profile on your website and other social media pages with the icon so that your presence can be felt.

Do direct the audience of your different social media platforms to your Facebook every time you post new content. This will help in increasing your audience engagement.

Do respond quickly to queries, questions and comments. Make sure you reply to important messages in the inbox and feedback.

In your Facebook profile do highlight your life milestones, likes and interests. This will help in your audience to know you better.

Do create an editorial calendar to help you create quality, consistent posts.

Do try boosting your Facebook posts to increase the reach of it.

Do use Facebook’s page insights features to find out who is most engaged with your page and see how well your Facebook page is performing in terms of reaching your audience, like, shares and engagement.

Facebook Don’ts

Don’t leave the about section of your page empty. Make it interesting. It is one of the first things people check in your profile.

Don’t over-post in your profile. Set a limit to the number of posting you are going to do in a week or a day. If you post a lot, your audience is likely to get irritated.

Don’t use irrelevant Hashtags. Hashtags are an important medium to increase audience engagement but overusing Hashtags or using inappropriate ones will have a reverse effect on your page.

Don’t constantly sell goods or ask for likes and shares. It will make your audience feel like you are only here to use them. Make your posts more interactive and bond with your audience. Find out what they want to see/read next or for some constructive criticism.

While attending to comments of customers, don’t get too involved with them in the comment section. Direct them to the inbox to resolve the issue.

Don’t make assumptions. Just because a strategy has worked in the past, doesn’t mean it is bound to work again.

Don’t copy others content, work, or theme. It’s good to be inspired but copying someone else profile will sooner or later bring hate to your profile. It’s a small world and someone or the other will find out.

Don’t stop updating your content and pattern. Experimenting is the key to a good Facebook profile. People always like to see new things on their news-feed, so be updated.

By now you might’ve clearly gotten an idea that Facebook isn’t just a chatting social media forum. If you follow the above mentioned do’s and don’ts list, you are likely to have a successful Facebook handle. But amongst all these points, don’t forget to add your own touch and essence. It is the only thing that will truly make your page stand out. Remember, originality always wins.

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