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Content Marketing Trends in 2017


  1. Videos will continue to dominate
    It’s raining videos everywhere, from Facebook news-feeds to family groups on Whats App. 2017 will continue be the year of videos, more than 50% mobile traffic is already dominated by videos. Also, with 4G becoming mainstream in ’17, Facebook will start injecting more videos in news-feeds (as it does in other countries). Videos are easy to digest, engages users, and is more likely to be shared.
  2. User attention span will continue to fall
    Human attention span is at the all time lowest of 8 seconds, Gold fish is 9 seconds. Gold Fish! Create content which gets to the point quickly and engages. If it is videos: engage in the first few seconds, keep everything front and center (like a selfie); if it’s images: drop the collages (Facebook doesn’t like them either), make them crisp and clean, and for text: make it easy to consume.
  3. Quality will beat quantity, hands down
    News-feeds are already chaotic, organic reach on social platforms is non-existent, so the focus must be on share worthy content and beat Facebook at its game. Competition is growing with low barriers to entry (everyone and their brother can create a meme today). Quality content rises to the top eventually, even Facebook now loves to bring back old ‘good quality’ content in News-feeds. Instead of creating a lot of content, focus on the kick-ass ones, which engage and deliver value to users.
  4. Rise of Instagram + Whats App for content distribution
    Bang on Instagram and Whats App for video/visual content distribution. A lot of your content may already be going viral on Whats App, those annoying alumni, extended family and friends groups.
  5. Rise of branded content
    No one likes Ads, ads have been shoved into our experiences everywhere. Ads by nature are self promotional. 2017 will see rise of branded content, not ads masquerading as content but genuine content which is useful, relevant and adds value to users’ lives. Also, with Ad blockers becoming popular, content must earn the eye-balls. And the best way to earn eye-balls is to focus on the heart, not the eye-balls 😉 That’s where ‘shares’ come from. Brands must become a conduit for change.
  6. Not visual, but virtual content
    With Facebook and Google experimenting with 360 degrees videos and Virtual technologies, this could be an area to experiment with. Get a 360 degree camera, and shoot some fun behind the scene content. The second half of 2017 should see the rise of virtual content and with Facebook acquiring virtual reality could eventually become mainstream.
  7. Think big but execute for tiny screens
    When you’re reviewing any creative or video, the first questions to ask before any creative or story-telling logic: How would it work on that tiny screen? Mobile numbers are skyrocketing, desktop traffic has been on the decline, 2017 will see the mobile curve go way north. Think big, but execute for small screen size. For example.. Info graphics won’t work, break them into easy to consume slide-decks, for small screens.

– Surbhi Mittal

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