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Building a Social Media Strategy for 2019

Building a Social Media Strategy for 2019

7 Great Ways to Build a Social Media Strategy

Social media is a constantly evolving field. New algorithms, regulations and features keep digital marketers on their toes at all times. Strategies need to constantly be relooked and updated. The year 2018 introduced a number of changes in social media trends. Based on these we at The Spaceship Design suggest ways in which you could build a new social media strategy for 2019.

Focus on Meaningful Conversations: In 2018 Facebook announced that their updated algorithm would focus more on meaningful conversations. While no one seemed to be completely sure on how the meaningfulness of a conversation could be measured, social media marketers were forced to change their approach. Now more than ever, content needs to have organic appeal. It needs be engaging and genuine. Just generating likes, comments and shares is no longer enough. Posts need to create discussions and interactions.

Leverage Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing has been around for years but content marketers of 2019 are using influencers more efficiently than ever before. And if they haven’t been a part of your social media strategy earlier, now is a good time to add them.

Good influencer marketing makes use of people who have a combination of a wide reach, contextual credibility and salesmanship. Meaning, these are people who have the power to influence the way others behave with or react to a product.

These days there are many established influencers. They have the reach but are expensive. So brands are turning to less established influencers called micro or nano influencers. These people may not have as large a reach, but they will have contextual credibility. For example a travel blogger may have more credibility than an anchor of a travel show.

Influencer marketing has been rising in the last few years and is extremely important in 2019.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence for Greater Customer Service: Instead of having dedicated customer-care executives, brands are now increasingly using artificial intelligence to answer regular, repetitive customer queries. This saves them time, man-power and money. It also gives customers immediate responses. Artificial intelligence in 2019 is quite sophisticated. The enhanced intelligence is making chat-bots increasingly popular.

It’s Story Time! :  Today almost every social media platform has the option of uploading a story and brands in 2019 are cashing in on this trend. Stories usually use short video content or images to convey a message. They are temporary and help brands convey timely messages keeping them trendy, without losing the seriousness or tone of the overall brand. With all the major social media platforms including LinkedIn incorporating stories brands have begun advertising through this medium.

Say Goodbye to Fake Followers:  It’s no secret that up until now there were many agents were providing fake accounts at a price to boost engagement and followers. These were artificial ways of increasing followers. Instagram recently announced that their latest machine-learning tools are equipped to identify and deactivate such accounts. The focus in 2019 will be on interacting with your existing customer-base rather than the number of followers you have.

Make Use of Messaging Apps: Social media allows you to reach a large number of people at a time, and this is great. However, when it comes to solving each person’s query and personalizing messages, social media can be quite a nightmare. Enter the world of messaging apps.

Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Telegram are all examples of messaging apps. These apps make it possible to send private messages to individuals. They also support multimedia. So, your customer could send you a picture of a faulty product and you could share a .pdf file of the invoice, neither of which is easy to do through social media.

Messaging apps are the quickest way of communicating directly to your customers and brands in 2019 will be using them to their advantage.

Content is King: While we’ve heard this repeatedly, the question to be addressed in 2019 is what the king should look like. Meaning, content is no longer just about the written word (though in the long form that is still effective as well). Content can be anything from videos to podcasts to live streaming. And even amongst these there can be different formats such as vertical videos. The challenge for marketers is to experiment with and understand which formats work best for their product and customers.

As social media becomes even more sophisticated in 2019 brands need to keep up with the latest trends and changes. Hiring experts such as a social media agency like The Spaceship Design will help keep your social media strategy up- to- date and effective.

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