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Best Logo Design Software 2019

Best Logo Design Software in 2019

Logo Design Software 2019

A logo is a company’s identity and a lot of thought and energy goes into making one that’s just right. A logo needs to be memorable, unique and relatable. Some may have stories that revolve around them others may be appreciated for their simplicity. But no matter what the logo represents, it needs to be visually appealing. This is achieved by a team of graphic designers who use an array of software to create the perfect logo. In this article, we at The Spaceship Design take you through some of the popular logo design software of 2019.

  1. Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator or AI was created by software giant Adobe in the late 80’s. Though it initially flopped, today it is one of the most reputed logo design software available. It is a vector-based program, meaning that the size of any artwork you create on it can be changed without the image distorting. This implies that your logo can be used on anything from large billboards to even office stationery.

AI is equipped with a number of tools that streamline the design process. Every individual characteristic can be edited and customized, giving the designer more control. The latest version (Adobe Illustrator CC 2019) comes with a scalable interface, meaning the software automatically adjusts its display according to your screen resolution and the designer can control on the scale of the canvas. Editing has also become easier, where similar objects across artboards can all be edited together.

  1. CorelDraw: Yet another vector based software; this tool is preferred to create two dimensional images such as logos and posters. CorelDraw 2019 comes with features such as Non-Destructive Effects that allow the designer to apply effects or make changes that can be turned on or off and adjusted, or rearranged as the designer requires. It also acts as a single platform for all your design needs, as opposed to other software that require you to use different applications for certain tasks.
  1. Affinity Designer: A fairly new software in the market, the first version of this was released in 2014. The highlight of this product is that it allows the user to switch between vector and raster editing environments. This gives the designer the control to create designs with the utmost precision. Compared to other software Affinity Designer is more affordable and easy to use for both beginners and professionals.
  1. Looka: com is a great software for entrepreneurs on a budget. Using artificial intelligence, this web app helps create good-looking logos with minimum effort and technical knowledge. All one needs to do is enter their company details, choose a few logos for inspiration and the app will create options for you. Once you choose a design you like you can tweak it as per your preferences. Whilst this saves time, money and effort, it is certainly not a professional option as it is quite limited in its scope.
  1. Canva: For designing logos online, Canva is one of the most preferred options. It has a host of templates, tools and graphics to choose from. It allows you some amount of customization as well. Canva is extremely popular for two reasons. First, it has apps compatible with iOS and Android platforms, allowing designers to work on the go and second it allows designers to collaborate and work with each other on the same design.
  1. Inkscape: Unlike most of the other software mentioned above, Inkscape is absolutely free. Usually if something is free, we assume it’s not of optimum quality. However, Inkscape surpasses expectations. It allows for a number of file formats to be both imported and exported. It also has a number of tools for designers to work with. What makes Inkscape stand out however is the fact that it is truly cross-platform. It works with Windows, Mac & Linux, making it highly versatile for a designer.

Some of the tools mentioned above can be used by people with no training whatsoever and some businesses may choose to make their own logos. However, that is similar to saying that anyone who can pick-up a cricket bat, can play good cricket. For an impactful logo, you don’t just need powerful software; you also need a team of highly experienced creative individuals, such as our team of Graphic Designers at The Spaceship Design.

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