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Hello, lovelies!

Instagram introduced a Stories feature last August. This feature combines photos and videos. Stories contain tools that are useful to help a blogger or business elevate their brand.

I use the feature to capture a project I’m working on, share snapshots of my day and coffee. Here are three tips to help you elevate your blog, brand, or business:

TIP #1 – Share behind the scenes of your latest project

Instagram’s Stories feature is perfect to share your current projects. You have a unique work process, this is a great way to attract potential readers/clients. Sharing your latest project creates interest in the end result.

TIP #2 – Use the “@” mentions feature

This feature is a great way to share content with your friends or favourite brands. When other users click on the “@” they can view the feed of the account you mention. I often use this feature when I am shopping in a certain store, or drinking Starbucks.

TIP #3 – Geotag your stories to increase exposure

If you are travelling to another city/country, geotag your stories. This feature increases your exposure to accounts in your niche. It is ideal for accounts that may not be already following you. Geotagging also lets your followers track your adventures!

Happy Instastories!

– Simran Suri 

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