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Advertising Agency vs Marketing Agency- Major Differences

Advertising Agency vs Marketing Agency- Major Differences

How Is Advertising Agency Different From Marketing Agency?

With today’s competitive, dynamic markets, it has become imperative for companies to outsource their advertising and marketing efforts. Consumer behavior and decision-making processes are changing rapidly.

No matter how well you think you know your target audience, only someone who is up-to-date with overall market trends will know how to tap into them. The question that then arises is who to outsource too?

While advertising and marketing go hand- in- hand, different agencies play different roles. In this article, we at The Spaceship Design explore the differences between an advertising agency and a marketing agency, in order to give you clarity on who to choose.

What is a Marketing Agency?  Marketing is an umbrella term for a range of functions. A marketing agency uses the 4P’s i.e. – Product, Place, Price and Promotion to focus mainly on strategy. It offers various services such as market research, pricing, distribution, branding, strategy and of course advertising.

A marketing agency works with a long-term goal in mind. It takes a consultative approach to achieving the long-term goals of your brand. This results in a marketing strategy that is consistent with your company’s vision.

A marketing agency usually employs a team whose expertise lie in market research, strategy and development and product development.

What is an Advertising Agency? An advertising agency uses various tools to provide your customers with information about your product. It doesn’t necessarily deal with all aspects that a marketing agency would deal with.

An advertising agency positions your business in front of your customers. This could be through any media channel be it print, digital advertising, press advertising, broadcast advertising, online advertising direct marketing, etc.

However, some forms of communication, such as exhibitions, seminars and customer relationship programs, may not always be handled by an advertising agency.  The advertising agency utilizes your marketing strategy to choose the most effective media channels for your brand.

An advertising agency usually employs a team of people with the skills to deliver messages to a certain group of people. This could include media planners, art directors, graphic designers, copywriters etc. to create advertising campaigns for your product or service. Their main focus is on execution of a campaign.

 So who do you choose?

Now that we know how to differentiate between these two kinds of agencies, we still need to answer the question of who to employ for your brand. The answer depends on your business goals.

For brands with a well-established identity, a clear target audience and a designated budget, it makes sense to employ an advertising agency. However, for those who don’t have so much clarity a marketing agency may be a better fit.

A marketing agency will make it its job to know about your target audience. From their regular demographics to their actual characteristics and finally to the customers buying preferences, a marketing agency will help a brand know its customers in and out. It will also make its job to hook your audience to your brand.

Another thing a marketing agency can help with is the strategy behind the launch of a new product.

To sum it up, both advertising and marketing agencies help expand your business by promoting your product and services.  The difference is that a marketing agency can be looked at more as a generalist, while an advertising agency is more of a specialist.

For those brands who still aren’t sure of which kind of agency to approach, there is always the option of using the services of a 360- degree full-service marketing and advertising agency such as the Spaceship Design, Pune.

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