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7 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency during Covid

With every passing day during this pandemic, we embrace technology even further, and with it, digital marketing has now become vital to a company’s survival. Digital marketing is also accessible to the general public. So, why would a company hire a digital marketing agency, as opposed to doing it themselves? We at The Spaceship Design take a look at 7 reasons to hire a digital marketing agency especially during Covid.  

  1. It’s All about Teamwork: Creating an effective digital marketing campaign requires a number of people to work together as a team. Writers, designers, developers, SEO experts and so on and so forth. Sure, you may have some brilliant campaign ideas and maybe even a few people to help you with it; but do you have the entire team together? If not, you need to hire an agency. 
  2. Fresh Perspectives are a Must: Perhaps you have your own in-house marketing team whose sole objective is to market your product. That’s a great situation to be in. But believe it or not, you can actually improve this situation further.  

Agencies work with multiple clients at a time and this gives them unique perspectives to marketing your product. Remember when washing machines were being used in Punjab to make lassi? We don’t know who understood this first, but chances are it was an agency that is used to adding a unique perspective to their work. Getting your in-house team to work in conjunction with an agency can do wonders to expand your business.  

3. A Big Picture Approach: One of the main aspects of an agencies job is to be able to consistently give businesses ideas to market their products & services. In order to do this, agencies strategically plan campaigns keeping in mind both the short-term & long-term objectives. With this big picture approach, an agency will not just deliver one-off ideas, but will see your company through, all year round.  

4. Turn on Auto-Pilot: Working with an agency allows you to focus on what’s important to you i.e. – running your business. As a business-owner, you are not expected to know the ins-&-outs of the marketing world. And even if you have the knowledge, an agency will be able to execute your vision quickly & flawlessly.   

Just like a doctors ‘routine procedure’ may not be so small for a patient; marketing for an agency is a routine procedure. You can choose to leave the agency on auto-pilot mode or you can choose to get deeply involved; it’s up to you.  

5. Experience Trumps Everything:  With instant access to all of life’s questions on the internet, what differentiates a professional from anyone else? Skill could be one factor, as most often professionals may have had some form of training. The other aspect could be the ability to deal with a crisis. And that is truly where experience trumps everything. Those who earn their daily bread & butter from a certain field, also develop unique insights into it. Just as you are willing to pay a restaurant for food that you could make at home; you should consider hiring an agency for digital marketing even if you feel you can attempt it yourself. 

6. Digital Marketing Goes Beyond Individual Campaigns: They say, a brand is defined by what is said when you leave the room. Perhaps your in-house marketing team has delivered an excellent campaign. However, the true test of this campaign would be the impact it has, even when it’s not running. This is why years after a campaign has run its course; people still remember jingles & taglines.  

In the fragmented space of digital marketing, this is tougher to achieve. Our audiences are no longer captive as they would have been years ago when everyone watched the same TV channels or movies. In today’s digital world, we have to take a 360 degree approach to advertising. And everywhere a brand is present; the messaging conveyed must be consistent. Digital marketing agencies are the only ones who can truly help you achieve this. 

7. Cost-Effectiveness: We all know that buying in bulk is always more cost-effective than buying individual items. Similarly, hiring individual marketing talent can turn out to be quite expensive. In contrast, hiring an agency usually involves paying them a lump sum cost that covers not just the talent but also the campaigns you run. With that one cost you get access to an entire team of experts.  

At the end of the day, we at The Spaceship Design strongly believe that nothing can replace the value that a cohesive team of professionals can provide. If you agree with this, feel free to contact us

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